[PREMIERE] Pat DiMeo Drops a Vocal Masterpiece in ‘Let Me Treat You Right’

Pat DiMeo is a singer/songwriter & actor born in Montreal, Canada who has been a part of many musical endeavours along the years.
Commonly known for his work with The Motion Epic, a Synthwave trio with partner/producer Dre K (Andreas Koliakoudakis) and guitarist Daniel Fata.

Pat & Dre are now venturing into new territory – developing a modern pop sound along the likes of Harry Styles and Jonas Brothers.
With Pat’s first solo release in 3 years “Let Me Treat You Right” is the premiere for a plethora of
singles to come. Joined in this project is songwriter Anthony Marabella who not only was a part of the lyric and melody process,
he also lent guitars on this new solo single.

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“I was fortunate enough to be one of the first few to preview Pat’s upcoming first single and lend some words on his behalf.
This is the first solo release from singer/songwriter Pat DiMeo of The Motion Epic. With ‘Let Me Treat You Right’, Pat explores
his love for modern and retro pop music. You can easily feel the Backstreet Boys like hooks and a Harry Styles inspired vocal
supported by a hooky pre-chorus topped with an 80s pop rock polish, you just don’t wanna skip this track.”
– Jay B

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Pat DiMeo – ‘Let Me Treat You Right’ is OUT NOW!


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