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Welcome to Soundrive Music LTD, your one-stop destination for all things electronic dance music (EDM). Based in London, UK, our company is a unique blend of a news and media outlet, music publishing company, and record label, all dedicated to the world of EDM.

Formerly known as UFO Network, Soundrive Music LTD was founded in mid-2016 by Jacques Julie and Darren Bezuidenhout, two passionate individuals with a deep love for the genre. Since then, we have been committed to bringing you the latest news, reviews, and interviews from the world of EDM, as well as releasing high-quality music from some of the most talented artists in the industry. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of EDM or simply someone who enjoys great music, Soundrive Music LTD has something for everyone.

So join us on our journey and let us take you on a ride through the vibrant and ever-evolving world of electronic dance music. For all press related queries, reach out to

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