Pvssycat & H3nry Thr!ll Go Full Throttle with ‘Bugatti’

Pvssycat & H3nry Thr!ll Go Full Throttle with ‘Bugatti’

Bouncing basslines and sleazy synths collide as US producer H3nry Thr!ll & UK Based PvssyCat drop their latest single, ‘Bugatti’, out for global release May 21st on UFO Recordz.

Just like its low-riding titular muse, ‘Bugatti’ flies close to the ground, centered around voluminous bass drops irreverently licked by sweeping and sinking synth sections. Both artists bring their trademarks to the fore: Thr!ll amping up the energy in the lower sections, PVSSYCAT with his predilection for expansive filters and FX that slink in and around the track’s core rhythm. Add in a simple, repetitive vocal line and ‘Bugatti’ turns into a hypnotic, throbbing cut that sucks you into its slipstream.

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London-based PVSSYCAT successfully marries underground techno styles with the commercial side of pop and disco, creating modern house records that have seen him become one of UFO Recordz’ most consistent acts. Based in DC but soon to move to LA’s vibrant music scene, Thr!ll’s name has been on the ascendance over the past two years.

Pvssycat &Amp; H3Nry Thr!Ll Go Full Throttle With ‘Bugatti’

From an erstwhile 16-year-old newcomer to a highly regarded artist within the next wave of Stateside talent, his music has scored praise from the likes of A-listers Don Diablo, Lost Frequencies, Zonderling, Anna Lunoe, Oliver Heldens and more. With the US club scene beginning to  open up, fans of the young star may get to see the live Thr!ll Seeker experience they’ve been clamoring for sooner rather than later.


Speaking about the release, UFO Recordz founder Jacques Julie said: “It’s been an amazing journey watching and participating in the success and growth of both H3nry Thr!ll and PvssyCat over the past few years. They’ve developed and fine tuned their skill as well and claimed a firm foothold as recognized upcoming acts of the future of our much loved EDM industry. The boys are destined for greatness and have our full support here at UFO Recordz.

H3Nry Thr!Ll &Amp; Pvssycat Bugatti Ufo Recordz Label Owners Jacques Julie And Darren Bezuidenhout

Label partner & co-founder Darren Bezuidenhout added: “I’ve personally been following H3nry on his musical journey and success over the past few years and I am extremely proud of what he has achieved thus far both in his production as well as his brand image. We strongly believe that with the correct guidance, H3nry is destined for greatness and will soon be the household name he strives for! We are also very excited with the strides that PvssyCat ‘aka’ Max Jones has made this past year alone. We have some amazing news dropping soon and are excited to announce some major label changes along with a business partnership incoming.


H3nry Thr!ll & PvssyCat – ‘Bugatti’ is Out Now! Download >HERE<

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H3Nry Thr!Ll &Amp; Pvssycat - Bugatti - Ufo Recordz

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