Luis Del Carmen Releases Peak-Time ‘Warlocks’ EP On Numen

Luis Del Carmen Releases Peak-Time 'Warlocks' EP On Numen

Angelo del Carmen stands as one of the most exciting rising talents in the electronic music scene currently, pursuing multiple sound profiles in order to stretch his creativity and scope to the fullest. Having debuted his techno-leaning Luis del Carmen moniker last month with his ‘We Collide’ EP on IAMT Red, Angelo now returns to the release radar to further cement this budding alias with a brand new offering for Numen. The 2-track ‘Warlocks’ EP is out now across all streaming platforms.

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‘Raver’s Delight’ kicks off the EP; a slickly curated peak-time cut that champions relentless percussion and haunting vocal injections. Its motive and personality are recognisable from the outset, with intensity growing yet further with each passing euphoric break and subsequent drop. In true del Carmen fashion, the cut presents a concise melodic identity that proves hypnotic in its effect and is sure to resonate with ravers across the globe. 

‘Warlocks’ is up next and maintains the electric energy set by its predecessor. We’re immediately presented with a bellowing kick and a slow ascension of percussive layering that builds real anticipation ahead of the first drop.

A contrasting vocal riff is introduced and leads the charge, alongside intricate synth-work, to ensure an emotive and memorable apex. The 2-tracker serves as another inspiring insight into del Carmen’s tenacity and love for his craft, and will no doubt aid in growing his flourishing fanbase. 

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Hailing from San Francisco but currently based in Manila, Angelo del Carmen is a burgeoning DJ and producer on the Trance and Techno circuits, who also works on cinematic sound design for films.

His style of music under his Luis del Carmen sound profile can be best described as dark and cinematic; combining an innate knack for melodies with the beauty of dark tension and aggression found in techno.

Angelo has enjoyed chartering previous releases through his Trance-led Parnassvs via Techburst Records, Blackhole Records and Eclipse. Armed with a new arsenal of tracks and a new musical direction, Luis del Carmen proudly revamps his sound and brings forth a new spirit with his name.

Following his debut contribution to IAMT Red, and subsequent follow up EP on Numen, del Carmen now looks ahead to a string of releases to further expand on this fresh moniker. 

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