Exclusive Interview with Manchester Powerhouse DJ & Producer TCTS

Exclusive Interview with Manchester DJ & Producer TCTS

Having scored the biggest hit of his career to date alongside Nono with 12 million+ streams for ‘Sorry’, TCTS again teams up with the Brazilian vocal sensation for their brand new ‘Off My Mind’.

The track represents his first release under a new deal with Insanity Records. Listen HERE. Soundrive Music had the awesome opportunity of interviewing TCTS, see how that went down below.

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Listen to ‘Off My Mind’ on Spotify

Exclusive Interview

Hi TCTS! Huge thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at Soundrive Music. Please give us a brief introduction, tell us a little bit of what you do and how you got started.

“Hi! So I’m Sam, I make house music under the alias TCTS. I was making music in my bedroom in Manchester when I managed to get a tune on the BBC Introducing show on Radio1 and from there got a foot in the door of the music industry. I’ve been bagging it ever since!”

How did you come up with the name TCTS and what does it stand for? Does TCTS have an alter ego when performing?

“I used to play bands growing up with my mates, and one of them was called something that had the initials TCTS. My friend from school started a night in South London and asked me to DJ, and we just put me down as that. I meant to change it at some point but it stuck and here we are. Haha no its not really an alter ego, just sounds better than Sam O’Neill on a flyer.”

Tell us about your latest release ‘Off My Mind’ that dropped recently and what it was like working alongside Nonô on this tune? What was your motivation behind this release?

“So I’ve worked with Nonô before, and she’s an absolute star. Insane vocal, great writer. We did another tune that came out in December, I was buzzing to do another one together. It came about pretty quickly over the summer, as we moved out of lock down and stuff started opening up. We wrote it along with a writer called Eddie Jenkins who is also very talented, so was quite a dream team. I’m super happy how it turned out and the reception its getting so far.”

What would be the ultimate collaboration for you and which or artist’s would you love working with if you had the chance?

“One of my favorite records of all time is Diana Ross Upside Down. She would be an ultimate collab for me.”

Your previous release ‘Sorry’ has just over 12 million streams and counting! Congratulations!! Tell us more! How does it feel to have reached such an insane milestone in your music career?

“Thanks! Yeh its a mad. I wrote it with Nonô and another writer called Theo, we met in Theo’s studio in Finsbury Park and that was the first time I’d met either of them. We wrote Sorry that day, and after I’d spent some time getting the production direction right I released it on Selected. I never expected it to stream as well as it has done, but I think its got a vibe people like, its dark and moody but also sounds big in a club.”

Our scouts are always looking for new music that hits home here at Soundrive Music. Give us some of your best releases to date or what artists would you suggest we check out? 

“Some artists doing cool things right now are Bklava, Soda State, Lekota. In terms of my releases, I’m buzzing about Off My Mind so listen to that!”

What golden oldie, no matter how many times you’ve listened to it, is still a favorite and never gets old for you?

“Scuba NE1BUTU or Bicep Just. Do they count as golden oldies though?!”

One thing we love to ask is, name one thing that your fans do not know about you and would not know if it weren’t for this interview specifically?

“I just had to clean my puppy’s number 2 off my floor, cos I was concentrating on this interview and didn’t hear him asking to get outside.”

What projects do you currently have ‘In The Works’ and what can we, as well as your fans, expect from TCTS in 2022?

“So I’ve just started working with Insanity records, Off My Mind is our first release together, so I’m looking forward to working with them on the next bits. I’ve got some exciting remixes incoming too, as well as more singles scheduled in – including some really fun collaborations – more on that soon! For 2022 I just want to keep releasing music, whether its stuff I’ve written for my own project or for other artists, and playing shows!”


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Exclusive Interview With Manchester Dj &Amp; Producer Tcts

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