Dastic Teams up with Aeden & Stef Classens for ‘Way Back Home’

Dastic Teams up with Aeden & Stef Classens for ‘Way Back Home’

Dastic Teams up with Aeden & Stef Classens for ‘Way Back Home’ on Revealed Recordings

Dastic has continued to propel with the force of a supernova thanks to developing his sounds via Spinnin’ Records and Future House Music, now linking up with Aeden, a Dutch debutant for Revealed Recordings, the pair make magic alongside Stef Classens on ‘Way Back Home’!

Instigating with an infectious hook from the jump-off, a boomerang-like beat punctuates the house-driven vibe, synth heavy that instantly draws the listener in. As Stef Classen’s positively delivered and rich topline adds an emotive, euphoric edge, “We will always find a way back home…” is a message that is relatable and delicate, whilst also retaining an original edge. Recognizable as a main-stage worthy anthem in all its components, from big-room laced with a pop-sensibility, ‘Way Back Home’ is set to dominate playlists and the airwaves this Winter!

“I am so excited for this first release of 2022. Especially because it’s a track which is really the style I want to do in 2022.” – Dastic

Dastic Teams Up With Aeden &Amp; Stef Classens For ‘Way Back Home’

About Dastic

This talent just reached the age of 25 and is already an artist to watch. Dastic was born with a gift and his gift to you is his ever-growing passion to aim for innovation and perfection in music.

Growing up in the Netherlands, Damian Bast, alias Dastic, discovered his interest in music when he started to produce his own tunes at a young age in life. By not defining music as a certain genre he developed his own sounds, combining them with credible vocals and sweet fresh melodies to create something outstandingly beautiful.

Early 2016 he signed a deal with Spinnin’ Records and MusicAllStars Management. Dastic was selected for Spinnin’ NEXT, a new platform by Spinnin’ Records for young DJ talent who are about to breakthrough as the next generation of dance artists.

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Dastic Teams Up With Aeden &Amp; Stef Classens For ‘Way Back Home’

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