Australian DJ & Producer Ruby Phoenix Tantalizing Release ‘Holding On’ via Nik Cooper

Australian DJ & Producer Ruby Phoenix Tantalizing Release 'Holding On' Via Nik Cooper

Australian DJ and Producer Ruby Phoenix leads the comeback of iconic festival label, Nik Cooper with her single, ‘Holding On.’

Keeping in touch with what gets the people moving in 2022, her newest offering brings heart, energy, and power to the dancefloor with riveting melodies and touching vocals! Ruby Phoenix draws a lot of inspiration from personal experiences in her life, channeling heartfelt emotions through her music.

When I love, I love hard! in my relationships, friendships and in my passions in life. I value love & connection deeply but find I struggle with expressing my emotions, turning to music as my creative outlet to express how I feel. ‘Holding On’ embodies emotions of loss and grieving of loved ones, at various stages on the journey of life.

Whether that be relationships, friendships or a family member; to death, differences or growth and the toll it can have on our mental health. In a world which is run by social media we feed into that “highlight reel” and that pressure of feeling like we have to portray perfect lives, sometimes suppressing our true emotions because we are too proud or ashamed to show any vulnerability.

Life isn’t perfect though, it’s real, it’s raw. We all experience love, loss, pain and in between the highs and lows of life, we also experience the mundane and the ordinary. That’s just heartbreaking, incredibly magical, soul healing, wild, mundane ordinary life and we’re all just ‘Holding On’ for the ride

Australian Dj/Producer Ruby Phoenix Leads The Comeback Of Iconic Festival Label, Nik Cooper With Her Single, 'Holding On.'

About Ruby Phoenix

Sunshine & parties, 2 features that make Australia great. Gold Coast based DJ and producer Ruby Phoenix is no stranger to these, and delivers a fierce, full-throttle & energetic array of electro house & big-room sets to party goers around the nation. Growing up amongst an army of musically powerful artists, Ruby has spent her years studying the music and movements of international icons Hardwell and Blasterjaxx on the regular, flouting an inspirational road for her music career.

Ruby is no stranger to the big stage, playing multiple international shows and being one of the premier DJs in Australia. Her Release “Where we Belong” with Enya Angel is a certified club banger. Don’t be surprised if you see Ruby gracing the stage of Tomorrowland in years to come.


Ruby Phoenix – ‘Holding On’ is out now!

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Australian Dj/Producer Ruby Phoenix Leads The Comeback Of Iconic Festival Label, Nik Cooper With Her Single, 'Holding On.'



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