DØ CHEF DØ Drops Hot New Release Nostalgic EP ‘Reunion’

DØ CHEF DØ Releases New Nostalgic EP ”Reunion”

DØ CHEF DØ drop brand new EP ‘Reunion’ – A nostalgic reunion with physical contact, freedom and festivals out now!

The Denmark-based producer and DJ group, with the controversial name DØ CHEF DØ, will release their second EP consisting of four songs on March 4. This one, however, with a significantly different expression – Reunion, as the EP is called, combines dance-pop, future bass, house and electronic dance music. Reunion embraces a versatile, commercial and electronic sound that draws inspiration from several genres. It gives the overall experience a very dynamic vibe.

“The worldwide epidemic has limited physical contact. And kept us from going to the events where we often feel most free – the big parties and nationwide festivals. It is our respite from everyday life and these events that in its time motivated us to make music and host parties. The urge, desire and euphoria are encapsulated in our EP. It’s time to reunite. “

The EP consists of four tracks, two of which were released back in 2021; “Shyboi” with Ace Rosewall and “Dancing On My Own”. The last two tracks “Taste of Two” and “This Should Never End” are the group’s last two tracks that completes the EP. The latter is made in collaboration with the Grammy Award-winning songwriter and artist Andre Fennell (Gate Citizens), with whom the group has previously worked with.

Fennell has collaborated with world-recognized artists such as Shaggy, Enrique Iglesias, Chris Brown and Beyonce. His iconic sound and songwriting form the basis of this explosive and energetic release where love and intimacy are the focal points of the lyrics.

Dø Chef Dø Releases New Nostalgic Ep ”Reunion”

“The EP is our way of presenting a more versatile sound. Most people probably know us from rowdy live shows and very heavy electronic music. We have produced four tracks that go a bit in different directions – and are generally more pop. ”

The last track of the EP “Taste of Two” is a highly energetic future bass track that works perfect as a show-ending tune. It is an uplifting track which could quite well end a powerful live show at a festival. The vocal compliments the dynamic melodies well and brings out a feeling of relief. For more of the hottest & freshest in new electronic dance music and EDM news visit our ‘News’ page and connect with Soundrive Music on social media.

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Dø Chef Dø Releases New Nostalgic Ep ”Reunion”


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