Accomplished Israeli Duo Vini Vici Team up with Berg for Hypnotic Remake of ‘Sweet Harmony’

Israeli Duo Vini Vici Team up with Berg for Psytrance Remake of ‘Sweet Harmony’

Israeli Heavyweights Vini Vici Team up with Shlomi Berg ‘aka’ Berg for Psytrance Remake of ‘Sweet Harmony’ via Alteza Records

Extending their presence within the electronic dance industry at every given chance, psytrance duo Vini Vici have teamed up with Berg for the their upcoming release ‘Sweet Harmony’ via Alteza Records. Adding their own distinctive touch to an absolute classic, this remake of The Beloved’s hit anthem, will have listeners embark on the most mesmerising, and yet, meaningful of journeys.

Hailing from the Middle East, and Israel in particular, both set of artists’ have combined their undeniable talent, with the end product promising to have you blown away. Having graced the mainstage of the biggest festivals worldwide, Vini Vici have gained a legendary status over the years, with their signature psytrance sound, a main catalyst in all the success that they have achieved within our community thus far.

Israeli Duo Vini Vici Team Up With Berg For Psytrance Remake Of ‘Sweet Harmony’

Berg has created his own unique identity through each of his productions, and in turn has found himself collaborating with some of the biggest names within the psytrance community and not only. With this latest remake a clear indication of what each artist has set out to achieve within the dance scene, ‘Sweet Harmony’ delivers a progressive psytrance sound like no other, whilst the enticing vocals from the original track remain intact.

“’Sweet Harmony’ is one of those tracks that makes you close your eyes, feel light, and feel full of energy. I think especially in days like this, the world needs a message, like the one ‘Sweet Harmony’ has to offer.” – Vini Vici

Israeli Duo Vini Vici Team Up With Berg For Psytrance Remake Of ‘Sweet Harmony’

Portraying the most emotive of messages during these uncertain times, both Vini Vici and Berg have ensured that despite the current climate, or whatever situation we may face as individuals, there’s always a silver lining, and ‘Sweet Harmony’ is the perfect contributor towards the better days that lay ahead. With this in mind, the highly energetic rendition of this ever so meaningful track, will most definitely leave listeners begging for more!

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Israeli Duo Vini Vici Team Up With Berg For Psytrance Remake Of ‘Sweet Harmony’

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