Jacksonville EDM DJ & Producer Duo ‘NIMBVS’ Drop Enticing Debut EP “The Beginning”

Jacksonville EDM DJ & Producer Duo ‘NIMBVS’ Drop Sexy Debut EP "The Beginning"

The talented Jacksonville DJ & Producer duo NIMBVS have dropped their latest release and first EP “The Beginning” out now!

The EP contains two singles which have already been released as well as three other accompanying tracks. The namesake of, and first song on the EP, is “The Beginning.” A downtempo melodic bass experience that uses a clip of Stephen Hawking discussing the beginning of the universe.

The name of this EP is significant to us and our brand because we use a lot of biblical references, as our name references the broken halo that rests on certain ‘angels’. This is our first EP and has a very gloomy, philosophical vibe that takes you on a journey through the beginning of the universe. NIMBVS

Nimbvs Alex Jolly Ufo Network 2 | Soundrive


Our name is NIMBVS, and we are an electronic music production duo from Jacksonville, Florida. We produce a variety of bass music that is meant to encapsulate all of the emotions in our music, ranging from happy, uplifting music, to sad, heartbreaking music, to angry, dark, and hellish music. We hope you enjoy this work as much as we enjoyed making it, and we can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store for the near future.

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Jacksonville Edm Dj &Amp; Producer Duo ‘Nimbvs’ Drop Sexy Debut Ep &Quot;The Beginning&Quot;


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