Azillian Signs Record Deal with Ingrooves/UMG for Release of Dance-Ready Anthem “Lost”

Azillian Signs Record Deal with Ingrooves/UMG for Release of Dance-Ready Anthem "Lost"

Azillian makes his debut to the electronic dance music scene with new dance-ready anthem “Lost” out now via UMG’s Ingrooves.

When LA native Armen Dellalian, better known as Azillian, started making waves in the streetwear scene in 2014, he was already thinking ahead. And while his career as a curator and e-commerce hustler continued to grow, Dellalian was also dreaming up songs that would go on to capture the attention of audiences worldwide.

Azillian got his start in the music industry after a long stint as a curator and visionary in the same LA streetwear and e-commerce scene that he’s come to represent so well. After a few years of hesitation, he finally decided to launch his music career, and to release his deep and dark song “Lost” which earned him a licensing deal with Ingrooves, a sub-label to Universal Music Group aka ‘UMG.’

“Lost” is decidedly experimental, mixing minimalism sounds and samples into melodies that drag you into your own subconscious. It’s clear from the success of this track that Azillian has a knack for creating music that can be enjoyed by all kinds of listeners, from casual fans to audiophiles to people who just want something to listen to while they’re studying or doing their taxes.

Azillian will be releasing more music with the same atmosphere over the coming year. He has plans to become a houselhold name across the globe and to perform at gigs and festivals once things have stabilized safely. This rising star is definitely somebody to keep eyes on in 2022 so connect with Azillian on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know with the latest and upcoming new releases.

Azillian Signs Record Deal With Ingrooves/Umg For Release Of Dance-Ready Anthem &Quot;Lost&Quot;

If you like what you hear with “Lost,” keep coming back for more—you won’t be disappointed. His first single is available now via Ingrooves, and he is working on more music that will give listeners more of the same experience and a chance to experiment and live in their chosen atmosphere. Stay tuned!

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Azillian Signs Record Deal With Ingrooves/Umg For Release Of Dance-Ready Anthem &Quot;Lost&Quot;

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