Goldfish teams up with Xavier Rudd for fresh take on 2021’s ‘We Deserve To Dream’

Goldfish team up with Xavier Rudd for 'We Deserve To Dream'


GoldFish are known all over the world for their upbeat, live instrumentation-infused music, and their latest offering on Armada Music – made in tandem with Australian artist Xavier Rudd – is of the same irresistibly uplifting disposition. After connecting with the fellow multi-instrumentalist over a mutual love for music and surfing, the South African duo built on Xavier’s 2021 single ‘We Deserve To Dream’ and turned it into a buoyant, hope-laden track designed to light up the world.

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“We’ve been huge fans of Xavier for a long time,” GoldFish say. “When he played ‘We Deserve To Dream’ to us back in the summer, the creative juices started flowing straight away. It wasn’t long before we’d put our spin on the track, keeping Xavier’s amazing vocal at the front. It was special to work with a talented instrumentalist who could understand our vision for the arrangement. It’s a bonus that Xavier also surfs – we imagine this one playing whilst we’re all out on the waves!” 

About GoldFish

Since locking themselves in their bedroom studio and emerging with debut album ‘Caught In The Loop’ in 2006, GoldFish have gone from one of dance music’s best-kept secrets to luminaries, both as producers and performers. Their trailblazing live show, which combines DJing and a live instrumental performance, has earned the attention of a swelling house and electronic music fan base on a global scale.

About to embark on a full-scale tour through Brazil, the South African duo have become one of the most enduring and influential groups in live electronic music with a consistent string of chart-topping hits and countless festival appearances from Coachella to Glastonbury to Lollapalooza in South America.

Goldfish Team Up With Xavier Rudd For 'We Deserve To Dream'

About Xavier Rudd

Already one of Australian music’s all-time greats, Xavier Rudd has earned accolades of every kind, Gold and Platinum certifications, and legions of fans who love him with an inextinguishable passion. Throughout a journey that spans well over 15 years (and counting), Xavier Rudd’s music has resonated with people from all cultures and walks of life.

In return, ARIA nominations, chart placings and Gold and Platinum records honored each release, spurring Xavier even further and producing a stellar discography that includes hailed works such as ‘To Let’ (2002), ‘Solace’ (2004), ‘Food In The Belly’ (2005), ‘White Moth’ (2007), ‘Dark Shades Of Blue’ (2008), ‘Koonyum Sun’ (2010), ‘Spirit Bird’ (2012), and his first album with The United Nations, ‘Nanna’ (2015). His biggest hit song to date, ‘Follow The Sun’, accumulated well over 200 million streams on Spotify alone.

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GoldFish feat. Xavier Rudd – ‘We Deserve To Dream’ is out now via Armada Music

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Goldfish Team Up With Xavier Rudd For 'We Deserve To Dream'


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