Obscenity State Delivers Electronic Futurism on ‘Tuning View’

Obscenity State Delivers Electronic Futurism on 'Tuning View'

Obscenity State Delivers Electronic Futurism on ‘Tuning View’. She plays live at IKLECTIK London on 10th February

British-Iranian producer / multimedia artist Obscenity State (Nilly Brook) offers a genre-bending deep techno track for a truly innovative experience. The combination of the driving beat and futuristic sound design creates a captivating aural landscape. The AI-inspired visuals add an additional layer of depth to the experience, making it feel like you’re exploring an otherworldly metaverse.

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The production is top-notch, with each element expertly crafted to create a cohesive and immersive experience. The track is both energetic and atmospheric, with the deep bassline and soaring synths driving the listener forward. Overall, this is a unique and innovative piece of music that pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with sound and technology.

Obscenity State Delivers Electronic Futurism On 'Tuning View'

She explains: “Tuning View is the second single I’ll be releasing, taken from my debut EP release Last Night I Dreamt. With this work I drew my inspiration heavily from my love of club culture and classical music. Both have triggered in me a state of euphoric flow. I take a classical composition approach to the musical elements. Undulating moments of tension and release, layering melodic counterpoints and subtle dissonant shifting pitches flow throughout the EP to heighten the hypnotic engagement of the shifting rhythms. With every track I write I tunnel deeper into the depths of analog synthesis, working to create energetic music with a dreamlike quality and drive that can transcend the club floor walls.”

Tickets: https://iklectikartlab.com/sdf-brood-ma-obscenity-state-special-guests/

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Obscenity State Delivers Electronic Futurism On 'Tuning View'


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