Interview with Damasek: Get to Know the Mind Behind the Skrillex, Flowdan, Fred Again – Rumble [DAMASEK Remix]

Interview with Damasek: Get to Know the Mind Behind the Skrillex, Flowdan, Fred Again - Rumble [DAMASEK Remix]

Interview with Bay Area Music Producer Damasek : Get to Know the Mind Behind the Skrillex, Flowdan, Fred Again – Rumble [DAMASEK Remix]

Dubstep has taken the world of electronic dance music by storm and the genre is showing no signs of slowing down. As a lover of the genre, I was thrilled to come across a remix of the popular track, “Skrillex, Flowdan, Fred Again – Rumble” by none other than the talented audio engineer and music producer, Damasek.

Hailing from the Bay Area in California, Damasek has been making waves in the EDM scene with his electrifying beats and impeccable production skills. With over 6 years of experience as a DJ, Damasek has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry including Spag Heddy, Kai Wachi, and Virtual Riot to name a few.

The DAMASEK remix of “Rumble” showcases his unique style and innovative approach to music production. The track is a perfect fusion of Skrillex’s signature sound, Flowdan’s smooth flow, and Fred Again

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How did you first get into DJing and producing electronic dance music?

I first got into dj-ing through a friend. Our group would all go over to his house and he would show us what to do. He was a big happy hardcore fan so that’s what I learned to mix first. Shout out to the happy hardcore fans!

Who are some of your biggest influences in the industry?

I gotta say, what really got me wanting to produce bass music was the first time I ever heard dubstep, which was Caspa’s remix of Cockey Thug by Rusko. Blew my mind at the time, and I knew that’s eventually what I wanted to do.

Can you walk us through your process for creating a new track?

Id say first I start by making a somewhat basic drum beat, and then play around in either serum or phase plant playing with notes in midi until I find a melody or idea, and then slowing build up from there.

How do you prepare for a gig? Do you have any pre-performance rituals or routines?

Typically before shows the collective I run with, Dirty Not Sorry, and I meet up at a place in SF call Namu stone pot. If you’re ever in SF I recommend it.

What has been your favorite gig or event to play at so far in your career?

My favorite gig would would be a B2B set I did with my buddy Strvfe when we were direct support for Space Laces and Must Die! It was Legendary!

Interview With Damasek: Get To Know The Mind Behind The Skrillex, Flowdan, Fred Again - Rumble [Damasek Remix]

What do you enjoy most about performing as a DJ?

One of the best things about producing and dj-ing is that you get to play original track out in the wild. I have to say, its an amazing feeling when a crowd vibes with your music, and responds positively. Probably one of the best feelings I’ve experienced.

Can you share any memorable experiences or anecdotes from your time as a DJ and producer?

I’m going to leave specifics out of this story but couple years ago at a club I used to play at in sf, a relatively bigger dubstep artist pants’ed himself during a set.

How do you stay current and find new music to play at your gigs?

Staying active and keeping up with the releases of the artists you like. Also watching live streams if they have them. A lot of times they will showcase up and comers.

What’s next for you in terms of new projects or goals?

My next project is going to be an EP with at least 3-4 different genres in it. So far its coming a long pretty well. Should be coming this half of the year for sure.

In your free time, what do you like to do outside of music? Do you have any hobbies or passions outside of the industry?

Outside of music I spend a lot of time either at the gym or with friends. I try to keep up on my more minor hobbies like paint-balling or spinning contact staff, but weather and time kind of limit those for now.

Interview With Damasek: Get To Know The Mind Behind The Skrillex, Flowdan, Fred Again - Rumble [Damasek Remix]

How do you adapt your sets to fit the energy and vibe of the crowd at each gig?

Typically I’ll try to incorporate multiple genres in a set and then whatever the crowd responds to the most, I try to sprinkle in more of that genre.

What are some challenges you’ve faced as a DJ and how have you overcome them?

I will say, when I first tried to talk to the crowd on the mic, I was pretty trash at it. I sounded like Beeker from the Muppets. Took a decent amount of practice before I morphed into the mic chad I am today.

How do you think the electronic dance music industry has changed since you first started out?

It was just a completely different kind of energy. Its hard to put into words, because this was like 12-13 years ago, but I would say that it’s definitely become more popular and is still growing and gaining new fans everyday and that’s a good thing!

What do you hope to achieve with your music in the long-term?

Honestly, at the end of the day I just want people to dance and have fun to my tracks.

Can you share any tips or advice for aspiring DJs and producers who are just starting out in the industry?

Dont quit no matter what, and put yourself out there as much as you can! It will pay off 100%.

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Interview With Damasek: Get To Know The Mind Behind The Skrillex, Flowdan, Fred Again - Rumble [Damasek Remix]


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