Steve Aoki and Vini Vici Join Forces to Release High-Energy Collaboration ‘Wild’

Steve Aoki and Vini Vici Join Forces to Release High-Energy Collaboration 'Wild' Soundrive Music

Steve Aoki & Vini Vici come together for electrifying new collaboration ‘Wild.’ Out now via Dim Mak!

With the official start of the 2023 festival season kicked off in Miami last weekend, producers around the planet are gearing up to deliver new tracks and edits for a year of performances and exclusive sets.  Steve Aoki and Vini Vici have just released a new single that is sure to be a staple of both their own and many other DJs’ sets throughout the year.

With his cake-throwing antics, diverse interests in the metaverse and collectible gaming, and an upcoming trip to space via Elon Musk’s SpaceX organization, Steve Aoki certainly has a penchant for wild ventures.  This week though, that wild streak is coming out in the form of a new track alongside Israeli duo Vini Vici, as they released a festival-sized anthem built around one of classic rocks’ most iconic lyrics.


The two-minute track kicks off with a swirl of sounds before the percussion kicks in and the chopped-up vocals steady themselves to deliver the lyrics, “born to be wild.”  The refrain made famous by Steppenwolf way back in 1969, comes from the single derived from the track Born To Be Wild, and perfectly captures the energy and intention of this modern take.

Although officially released on March 24th, Steve Aoki and Vini Vici gave early access to the track to members of Steve’s A0K1VERSE who hold an A0K1VERSE NFT Passport in their wallet.  While the web3 and NFT markets have certainly been wild over the last few years, Aoki is continuing to provide value to those who invested in his digital projects.

The release date was also ideal for Vini Vici who spent the weekend in Miami to deliver a massive Main Stage set for fans on the third day of the event, an ideal situation for a track like Wild.

Steve Aoki And Vini Vici Join Forces To Release High-Energy Collaboration 'Wild' Soundrive Music

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Steve Aoki & Vini Vici – ‘Wild’ is out now via Dim Mak

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Steve Aoki And Vini Vici Join Forces To Release High-Energy Collaboration 'Wild' Soundrive Music


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