Simon Field – Exclusive Interview with the Producer, DJ and Label Manager

Exclusive Interview with Producer, DJ and Label Manager - Simon Field Soundrive Music

James Hurr & Simon Field drop tech house stomper Featuring an outstanding performance from Georgia Meek that rivals the best house music vocals of all time, this is a quality underground cut released on Perfect Havoc.

Simon Field is unquestionably one of the hardest working artists around today. Hailing from Oslo in Norway, there are many strings to bow as a producer, DJ, label manager, and curator of the new Basement Sessions underground club series. And not forgetting that Field is also behind one of the biggest independent playlists on Spotify dedicated to the sounds of the white isle with over half a million fans.

Building on a catalogue of work that has drawn a string of A-list support from Tiësto, Hardwell, David Guetta and Benny Benassi, to featuring in the Netflix series ‘Elite’ and the Academy Award-nominated film ‘Passengers’, Field has a colossal 17 releases lined up for 2023 alone.


Here we catch up with him about his latest tech house stomper ‘Vibe Like That’ on Perfect Havoc, what’s in store for his Basement Sessions brand, and how he prepares for life on the road.

Hi Simon, thanks for speaking with us. Where are you in the world today?

Right now, I’m in freezing Oslo hoping spring will hit us soon. Happy to get loads of travels scheduled to warmer places.

Let’s kick things off with your new single ‘Vibe Like That’ on Perfect Havoc. It’s an absolute banger and not the first time that yourself and James Hurr have worked together. As you’re both such skilled producers in your own rights, how do find your individual roles when collaborating? 

Working with James is a dream come true. Besides being such an easy-going friendly guy, we have more or less the same musical preferences and to be honest, very much complimenting skillsets. Not to mention that we both work in Cubase. I think the writing itself was about 20 minutes for this one and obviously some hours for the production. But establishing the vision for the song is key and when you agree on that the rest is a walk in the park.

Listen on Spotify

We saw Vibe Like That went down a storm when you dropped it at your new Basement Sessions night in Oslo. Tell us about the Basement Sessions concept and where people can catch it next.

As an extension of the Basement Records ethos, I launched Basement Sessions, a place for the raw and unfiltered energy of underground house music.

Bringing together like-minded DJs and music enthusiasts to celebrate the sound that inspired us all, I believe that music is more than just a commodity; it’s an experience that should be shared and enjoyed together. A space where artists can express themselves freely, and you can immerse yourself in the music without any distractions.

For those who share my passion for underground house music, I want to create an experience that transports you back to the days of the iconic clubs and parties of the 90s. Join us in creating a space where music lovers can come together and connect through the power of music.

Check out Basement Sessions on Instagram here

Exclusive Interview With Producer, Dj And Label Manager - Simon Field Soundrive Music

You’ve also been busy setting up your new Basement Records label. What sort of sounds and artists can we expect to be coming out?

I’ve always admired the house pioneers from the 90s like Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Carl Cox, Junior Vasquez who shaped the sound of the underground scene in New York and London underground house scene.

Their music was not about commercial success or mainstream appeal; it was about the raw, unfiltered energy that could only be found in underground parties and clubs. It’s this spirit that Basement Records is based on.

With Basement Records I have found a place where my music can thrive, free from commercial constraints and continue to build on the legacy of the underground house scene, creating music that speaks to the soul and ignites the dancefloor.

Right now, we’re wondering when you ever get any rest as you have 17 releases lined up for 2023 plus several remixes! Any highlight releases you’re able to talk about here?

I love all my tunes in their own way. Having the luxury to play unreleased material is a true joy. I have also started to give exclusives to fellow DJs way before release and have them play them in clubs to get reactions. One of my personal favourites is called ‘Need No Music’ using a spoken words breakdown about not needing music. It always hits well in clubs. Need No Music will also be the title of my album late August. But before that I will do a release a month more or less. No rest for the wicked! LOL

Speaking of rest, what does a busy guy like yourself do to chill out? 

I don’t…I enjoy what I do so much, that it doesn’t feel like work tbh.

Exclusive Interview With Producer, Dj And Label Manager - Simon Field Soundrive Music

We doubt relaxing will be on the cards when the summer kicks in. Your tour schedule looks insane with dates in Ibiza at Café Mambo, in Berlin for the Love Parade and at various festivals. What do you do to prepare for going on tour?

I wanna make every set special, bringing something new in terms of music. Every set is an opportunity to sharpen my skills, improve my skills, my set or even my visuals. So, downtime is a lot about tuning my Rekordbox, testing transitions between songs, doing edits, setting cue-points etc. It´s so rewarding when it comes to the actual live setting feeling more confident and simply enjoying it more.

Before I go on, I always try to get into the vibe of the DJ before more, to understand where the crowd is when I go on to start in the right place and build on what´s already there – the room and the vibe.

Tell us about your new residencies in Norway. We hear you’ll be regularly spinning at Skagum and Jæger, both in Oslo, and at Natt in Bergen. What musical trends are popping off in the clubs over there?

Norway has long been a very pop-driven scene, but the underground like these places is defo more house driven. And there is a solid crowd that shows up regularly just for that, even mid-week, or outdoor in freezing cold weather. I love the dedication. Also, there are many great DJs with a very clear music vision. Things are also really starting to get back to a better normal after Covid. I would also love to highlight a few DJ´s to look out for from the scene such as Blichfeldt, Monojack, Oliander Taule and Eyvind Alnes. They all have their individual take on deep house, minimal tech, UK house to organica.

We remember post-Covid when you played at the top of the Ulriken mountain overlooking Bergen. Do you have any other mad locations in the pipeline? 

We are looking at doing a glacier sunset. More on that soon hopefully. And of course, some lovely Basement Session locations too.

Watch NOMADE – Sunset at midnight Mount Ulriken, Bergen on YouTube

For anyone checking out a Simon Field DJ set this year, what bangers can you guarantee you will be dropping? 

‘Vibe Like That’ for sure. But look out of unreleased tracks and new edits of tracks like Wildfire for instance.

Thanks so much for your time, Simon. 

Thank you, it’s always a pleasure <3

James Hurr & Simon Field ‘Vibe Like That (feat. Georgia Meek’)


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Exclusive Interview With Producer, Dj And Label Manager - Simon Field Soundrive Music

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