Seismic Dance Event 6.0 Left No Mercy on the Dance Floor in ATX

Seismic Dance Event 6.0 left no mercy on the dance floor in ATX

Seismic Dance Event was a complete hit as the rainy weekend held up for music and dance enthusiasts throughout the three-day event.

This was our team’s first time experiencing the Seismic Dance Event in Austin, Texas (the music capital of the US), and boy, were we impressed! It’s a shame that it all goes by so quickly, but having a day 3 makes it last a little bit longer, and let’s not forget about the afters that went on until 4 am. These guys and gals definitely know how to throw a party! Read on below as we describe our insane and memorable experience.

Day 1

“It’s going to be a fine day tonight.”

The event typically includes well-known DJs and producers from various electronic music genres such as House and Techno on the three immersive stages: Tsunami, Volcano, and Realm stage. The lineup featured both international and local talent, showcasing the vibrant and diverse EDM scene. The festival aimed to create an immersive experience for attendees with impressive light shows, more extensive stage designs from the previous season, and a lively atmosphere.

Day 1 was incredibly stacked. Everyone, from the opening DJs to the widely known “Walker & Royce” duo, graced us with their funky uplifting beats. The up-and-coming Space 92, who played twice at the festival, made his second USA debut. To top it off, he was one of the most played producers by DJs around the world in 2023; his techno has had such an impact on the scene. We were lucky to see him at the Seismic Dance event this past weekend.

Clearly, Seismic Dance Event brings only the biggest and the best DJs to their House & Techno boutique festival. If you stuck around long enough, you might have witnessed the absolute banger of a closing artist, Anafisa Letyago, on the Volcano stage. Yes, let’s not forget about her! She’s the definition of the color red, which matched perfectly with the pulsating trippy light setup from the front to the back of the Volcano stage, bumping that sexy Techno music. <3

Read more below for day 2!”

Courtesy of Seismic Dance Event: Bryan Gonzalez @Bryan_portray

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Day 2

“Kicking off with an absolute banger, an international DJ made his first appearance in the USA with over 20 years of experience in the game. His second official show happened to be at Seismic Dance Event, right after his trip from the Big Apple. What an honor! We made sure to be at the event promptly, not wanting to miss out on the legendary T78‘s debut performance.

Despite the weather forecast predicting rain, it was no match for T78 and the rest of the day 2 lineup’s outstanding performances. At most, it was a light drizzle, and the overcast weather created perfect conditions for pictures and videos. The stages and rest areas were adorned in bright red and blue neon colors, perfectly fitting the vibe of the boutique festival.

Furthermore, T78 paid tribute to DJ Garrett, aka I_Oofficial, who is no longer with us, by dedicating his set at Seismic Dance Event to him. (Rest in Peace Garrett) Another favorite of ours was Eli Brown, who played on the outside Tsunami mainstage. His house and techno sets have garnered him a whopping 3 million monthly listeners and over 37 million streams on his #1 track, “Be The One.”

One DJ that caught our attention, in particular, was Eli Brown. During his set, 3-4 pockets of circles on the left side of the crowd opened up, and Shuffle dancers were going all out in the circles, representing their teams, crews, and communities. Notably, the ATX Shufflers community was proudly representing their local Shuffle community while dancing to Eli Brown’s set. It was a beautiful thing to witness, as these dancers put a lot of time into their craft.

The connection between DJs and dancers is growing more and more as shuffle dance gains popularity. Seismic Dance Event even featured Shuffle dancers on 2 out of the 3 stages—guys and girls who have mastered the art of Shuffling (specifically the Melbourne Shuffle), Cutting Shapes, GoGo and Freestyle Flow. They truly bring the DJs’ sets to life, and we can’t wait to see how these performances evolve and grow in the near future.

Check out the last and final day below.”

Courtesy of Seismic Dance Event: Bryan Gonzalez @Bryan_portray

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Day 3

The Grand Finale…

Most of the team we had in Texas were hardcore Techno enthusiasts, so don’t mind us – the music just does something to you! I will say, though, I have an ear for LOVRA, another highly anticipated female DJ who has been making waves. And she did just that at the Tsunami stage. She was another DJ who had the opportunity to play twice, once at the Tsunami stage and again at the Realm stage.

She boasts an impressive 235K+ monthly listeners and has garnered over 4 million streams on one of her most popular tracks ever released, titled “Love Sensation – Radio Mix.” If you haven’t listened to it, you must check it out on Spotify or iTunes.

Now, back to the Volcano Stage for some red strobing fast hard techno. One of the most influential and well-recognized techno producers in Germany, Klangkuenstler, now an international DJ, has made a name for himself worldwide but is making his name known in the USA. He’s sold out packed shows in Amsterdam, Madrid, Time Warp fest New York, San Francisco, and now Seismic Dance Event for his first appearance.

Here’s a fun fact for you: Did you know that Klangkuenstler originated as a deep progressive house producer in the early 2010s? Neither did we! It’s nice to know that guys like Klang have a softer side too – we love it all the same.

Lastly, how could we forget about 999999999? Yes, that’s really the DJ duo’s name. These two are at the top of their game in the Acid Techno realm. Starting back in 2016, the Italian duo has released a potent run of gnarly, precision-tooled 12”s on their own NineTimesNine label, most of which have been repressed multiple times in response to widespread demand.

Elsewhere, their ‘300000003’ track (released on Planet Rhythm in 2018) was a breakout success, catching a viral wave, going through repress after repress, and breaking their take on acid techno to a huge new audience. In 2020, they moved from a vinyl-only operation for their own productions to offering their music digitally and welcoming other artists into the fold. The duo had us dancing from start to end and closed out the Volcano Stage with a bang. It really brought the whole community together (you could really feel the essence of oneness among the people and dancers all around you).

There really is truth and meaning behind the phrase “Dance yourself clean.” And we did just that… The bad news is the festival has us wanting more as the post-festival withdrawals are kicking in. The good news is, Seismic Dance Event is a twice-a-year event! That’s right; you read correctly. Stay tuned for Seismic 7.0 happening in the new year during the Spring.

Courtesy of Seismic Dance Event: Jason Myers @Memorandum_media

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