Exclusive Interview with One of ADE 2023’s Best Techno prodigy – DJ OGUZ


Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 – we got to sit down with Techno powerhouse DJ OGUZ!

One like no other: DJ OGUZ’s set at Vernipt’s ADE Sunday event blew every visitor’s mind! Duuring this busy week, the artist still took his time to share his story and inspirations with the world, and now we want to share it with you!

Check out our interview here:

DJ OGUZ, thank you so much for your time here at Amsterdam Dance Event – we are very excited to learn more about you today!

DJ OGUZ: Thank You!

Of course, what I wanted to ask you first: What inspired you to become a DJ and how did you start producing?

DJ OGUZ: The art side of myself inspired me a lot to do something with art, and I think when I started going to raves and parties it was more like the vision of me standing – in the crowd was not my place to be – because I just felt like, ok I need to stand there. I need to be there and showcase something to the people, what’s going on inside of my mind, because there was too much going on inside of my mind, and tell my story, because I see myself as a story telling person. That was the drive for me: Ok, DJ is the right place, and make music. This   way, I can express my feelings and emotion.

Wonderful! We know you started with a DJ App on your phone, right?

DJ OGUZ: Yeah, true *laughs*

What program are you using now and why?

DJ OGUZ: Back then I had no money, no laptop, no nothing, so I had to use a small App on my phone. Now, for producing I use FL Studio, still from the beginning – very comfortable for me – and for DJing Rekordbox, like most people do. Pioneer. That’s my way of doing it now and if I   look back, there are big changes. I am way more comfortable now, than on my phone.

I can imagine! A bigger screen at least!

DJ OGUZ: *laughs* Yeah, bigger screen at least!

You have been active since pre-lockdown and pre-pandemic and we have seen a big boom on social media for the hard techno scene. How did you see the scene change over the past years?

DJ OGUZ: The scene changed a lot. The best example I can give is, before COVID I was playing in front of like 10 to 20 people and was happy, and now I am playing in front of 25.000 people, so there is a big change. The screen got bigger, but also the amount of people at the party is bigger. You can see, the scene has grown insanely.

We also know, during lockdown, you worked as a barber. Did you have experience with that before the pandemic already, or how did that come to be?

DJ OGUZ: I started my musical career and my hairstyling career at the same time – exactly the same     time – so I was working as a barber and hairstylist for six years, but also as a DJ. So, I was going from my gigs in the weekend to cutting hair on Monday. It was very nice o see the transition because these are two completely different worlds.

What is your all-time favorite track to play during a set and why does it resonate with you?

DJ OGUZ: My all-time favorite track to pay is GOLDEN SZN and FC Horsepower because they are two parting hits and give me the boost. The way they activate the people is just crazy, you know? I can play GOLDEN SZN whenever they are sleeping and they will be screaming – a direct mood switch! That’s like a key of my set.

That’s definitely what those tracks do to us as well!

DJ OGUZ: Yeah exactly! It’s also identifying me.

To close it off – do you have any advice for DJs and producers, that have not seen the scene before the pandemic, but rather start out now?

DJ OGUZ: I always say: just do whatever you want to do and do not listen or watch what other’s do, because that’s the way you create your own identity. That’s the way I did it – just be yourself and follow your emotions, instead of traying to fit in some specific thing.

Thank you so much! We can not wait to horse with you this weekend!

(Editor’s note: OGUZ calls his touring and parties “horsing”)

DJ OGUZ: Nice! *laughs* That was really nice!

Watch DJ OGUZ’ Vernipt ADE set here:


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