Celebrating the Arnau Family: IMS Legends Award Winners at the 2024 Beatport Awards

A Century-Long Legacy Honored: The Arnau Family’s Trailblazing Influence on Electronic Music and the IMS Legends Award 2024


The International Music Summit (IMS) Ibiza, a pinnacle of global electronic music discussions and celebrations, has proudly announced the Arnau Family, the visionaries behind the Elrow brand and the Monegros Desert Festival, as this year’s recipients of the IMS Legends Award. This prestigious accolade will be officially presented at the Beatport Awards 2024, reflecting the family’s significant contributions to the music industry. The ceremony is scheduled for April 24 at the House of WOW, from 8 PM to 11:30 PM CET.

The Historical Tapestry of the Arnau Family

Spanning over 140 years, the journey of the Arnau family from humble beginnings to global recognition encapsulates a rich narrative of cultural and entrepreneurial spirit. Initially starting with a small café, their ventures expanded through the generations to include one of the earliest casinos in their hometown of Fraga, inaugurated in 1870. This was followed by the launch of the town’s first major cinema in 1943, and later, the iconic Florida 135 discotheque in 1978, each landmark showcasing the family’s growing influence in entertainment and nightlife.

Celebrating The Arnau Family: Ims Legends Award Winners At The 2024 Beatport Awards

Elrow: Synonym for Global Party Phenomenon

The Arnau’s Elrow is celebrated worldwide for its exuberant parties that masterfully blend cutting-edge electronic music with theatrical performances and outlandish costumes, creating an unmatched atmosphere of celebration. The brand’s distinct flair for combining cultural elements with music has not only popularized it across continents but also secured a revered annual residency at Amnesia Ibiza, one of the most famous nightclubs in the world.

Celebrating The Arnau Family: Ims Legends Award Winners At The 2024 Beatport Awards

A Legacy of Innovation in Electronic Music

Under the stewardship of Juan Arnau Jr. and Cruz Arnau, Elrow and the Monegros Desert Festival have become landmarks on the global music map. The family’s influence is evident in their innovative approach to music and event production, which has continually pushed the boundaries of what is expected at music festivals and nightclubs, crafting unforgettable experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

The Beatport Awards: A Platform for Recognition

The Beatport Awards, returning for the first time since 2011, play a crucial role in the electronic music landscape. They leverage both sales data and expert opinions to recognize outstanding achievements within the industry. This year, the awards will honor artists and producers across various categories, including Best Selling Track and Artist of the Year, Best Live Performer, and Social Impact, among others.

Celebrating The Arnau Family: Ims Legends Award Winners At The 2024 Beatport Awards

The Award Ceremony at House of WOW

Scheduled to be held at the opulent House of WOW, the award ceremony promises to be a night of grandeur and celebration. Pete Tong, co-founder of IMS and a legendary figure in electronic music, will present the award to the Arnau family, symbolizing their monumental contribution to the music industry. This event is not just a ceremony but a gathering of music legends, industry leaders, and enthusiasts from around the world.

Reflections from the Arnau Family

Upon the announcement of this honor, Juan Arnau Jr. and Cruz Arnau expressed profound gratitude for the recognition of their family’s dedication to the art of music and celebration. They highlighted the emotional significance of this accolade, especially for their grandmother Pilar, who at 95, appreciates the legacy of joy and passion that her family has created.

Future Directions and Lasting Impact

Looking forward, the Arnau family continues to innovate and inspire within the music industry. Their ongoing projects promise to expand their influence and continue the tradition of delivering exceptional music and entertainment experiences. The family’s commitment to excellence and their vibrant approach to nightlife will undoubtedly shape the future of electronic music for years to come.


The IMS Legends Award 2024 is a testament to the Arnau family’s enduring impact on the world of electronic music. Through their innovative spirit and dedication to cultural enrichment, they have not only shaped the landscape of nightlife but have also set a high standard for creativity and excellence in the industry. As pioneers of the electronic music scene, their legacy continues to inspire and influence artists and fans across the globe.

Celebrating The Arnau Family: Ims Legends Award Winners At The 2024 Beatport Awards

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