IMS Ibiza 2024: A Global Platform for Amapiano and African Dance Music

IMS Ibiza 2024: A Global Platform for Amapiano and African Dance Music

Exploring the Vibrant Journey of Amapiano from Local Beats to International Fame.

IMS Ibiza, a vanguard for thought leadership in the electronic music world, is setting the stage for its 15th edition, with a spotlight on the vibrant genres of Amapiano and African dance music. This year’s summit, a fusion of culture, education, industry, and wellness, aims to celebrate and dissect the ascent of these genres from local African rhythms to pillars of the global electronic music scene.

The Evolution of Amapiano and African Dance Music

Amapiano, originally from the townships of South Africa, combines deep house, jazz, and kwaito into a distinctive sound that has resonated across continents. This section will explore the genre’s roots and its meteoric rise to international fame, emphasizing how it has become a symbol of cultural expression and musical innovation. Alongside, the broader spectrum of African dance music will be discussed, highlighting its dynamic evolution and influence on global music trends.

Ims Ibiza 2024: A Global Platform For Amapiano And African Dance Music

Spotlight on Sarz: The Pulse Behind the Beats

DJ Sarz, also known as Osabuohien Osaretin, stands as a towering figure in the Nigerian music industry, celebrated not only for his groundbreaking work with icons like Beyoncé and Drake but also for his influence on the Afrobeats scene. His distinctive sound, which merges Nigerian musical elements with global electronic beats, has defined some of the biggest hits worldwide. Beyond his production prowess, Sarz is committed to mentoring young artists, ensuring the vibrancy and sustainability of Afrobeats for future generations. His role at IMS Ibiza as both a speaker and performer underscores his dual commitment to artistry and education in music.

Sarz’s influence extends beyond the studio and stage, marking him as a pivotal architect in the reshaping of modern African soundscapes. His technical skills and intuitive understanding of rhythm and melody enable him to craft tracks that are not only hits but also push the boundaries of music production. Sarz’s dedication to his craft and his deep roots in traditional Nigerian music allow him to innovate within the genre, making him a crucial contributor to the international spread and evolution of Afrobeats.

Amplifying Amapiano: Panel Discussion

A highlight of IMS Ibiza will be the panel “Amplifying Amapiano & African Dance Music: The Journey of a Genre from The Township to the Global Stage,” hosted by Ballantine’s True Music. This discussion will bring together industry stalwarts like Dare Balogun and Grace Ladoja, among others, to discuss the strategic maneuvers that have propelled Amapiano’s popularity worldwide. Insights into how these leaders have navigated the genre’s rise will be detailed, providing a look at the business and culture-driving forces behind the music.

Ballantine’s True Music Celebration

In line with the summit’s thematic discussions, Ballantine’s True Music will host a celebratory event featuring the pulsating sounds of Amapiano, headlined by Sarz. This section will celebrate Ballantine’s decade-long commitment to elevating diverse music scenes, illustrating how the brand has championed Amapiano alongside other South African music styles like Gqom and Deep House.

Ims Ibiza 2024: A Global Platform For Amapiano And African Dance Music

IMS Dalt Vila: A Cultural Melting Pot

The summit will culminate at the historic Dalt Vila, where the fusion of Amapiano with traditional African rhythms will take center stage. Performances by notable artists like KILIMANJARO and Sarz will be previewed, showcasing how Amapiano blends with deep house, jazz, kwaito, and afrobeat elements, creating a rich, vibrant tapestry of sounds.


IMS Ibiza 2024 reaffirms its commitment to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Amapiano and African dance music. By showcasing these genres, IMS not only celebrates their artistic and commercial achievements but also highlights their potential to further influence the global music landscape.

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