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Kaip is an EDM DJ/Producer from Russia, St. Petersburg. The mix of popular music genres, but with an already formed unique sound, which is one of his main distinctions. At the age of 15 Kaip took his first steps in the music career and connected his life with hip-hop culture. In 2012, with his friend, he founded a bar – “1703”, which later became the set of the legendary project “Versus Battle”, which received worldwide recognition, thereby marking this place as the main location of Russian-speaking rap.

his contributed to the acquaintance with famous musicians and led to the opening of the recording studio “1703 Records” in 2017. The next stage of the creative path was a project – YouTube show “Basix”, where Kaip, together with various hip-hop artists, demonstrated a classic approach to creating sampled music. In late 2019, creative experimentation at work led him to a new, more danceable genre.

Compared to beat-making, Kaip saw more options for development and expression. There was an opportunity to fully manifest his potential and mark himself as a person. Following modern trends, but using the accumulated experience, Kaip comes to create more expressive music, which makes his creativity distinctive for a wider audience.

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