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Exclusive Interview Soundrive Music

Exclusive Interview

Elevate your music, label, or brand with our “Exclusive Interview” feature.

Unleash a captivating narrative with 10-15 curated questions, exploring your latest release, upcoming projects, or any topic you wish to spotlight. Featured on our blog and social media platforms, this exclusive interview is a strategic blend of exposure and engagement.

Perfect for emerging talents and established entities alike, contact us at Soundrive Music to secure your spot in the spotlight and amplify your story.

Original price was: 140 £.Current price is: 70 £.


Unleash the power of your music, label, or brand with our “Exclusive Interview” product. We’re here to propel your story into the spotlight, crafting a detailed and visually appealing interview that explores your latest release, upcoming projects, or any topic you’re eager to gain traction on. Perfect for rising stars and established entities alike, our exclusive interviews offer a strategic blend of exposure and engagement.

Key Features:

  • In-Depth Exclusive Interview: Dive deep into your narrative with a curated set of 10-15 questions, providing a comprehensive insight into your music, label, or brand.
  • UFO Network Exposure (Free of Charge): Extend your reach with a free feature on UFO Network, amplifying your interview to a broader audience. Check out our previous features at https://ufo-network.com.
  • Spotify Playlist Placement: Immerse your track in the Soundrive Music experience with placement on our curated Spotify playlists, connecting with a broad and engaged audience.
  • Strategic Social Media Blast: Ignite a social media frenzy with a targeted blast across all our platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google News, and LinkedIn.
  • Flexibility for Perfection: Enjoy two updates or edits on request, ensuring your feature aligns perfectly with your vision.
  • Dynamic Embeds: Optimize your post with a Spotify or SoundCloud embed, enhancing the user experience.
  • Link Back and Socials Showcase: Drive engagement with a link back to you and a ‘Follow on Socials’ footer. We include links to 5 social media platforms of your choosing.

Elevate your narrative and engage your audience with the Exclusive Interview from Soundrive Music. Ready to make waves? Contact us now to secure your feature and shine in the spotlight.





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