Exclusive Interview with Los Angeles Based DJ & Producer Redux Saints

It’s been a huge year for LA tech house producer, Redux Saints. He’s clocked an impressive 9 consecutive Beatport Top 100 chart hits and made it into the Top 125 for Tech House on Beatstats, along with elevating his imprint, Deep Tech Los Angeles Records, into the Top 100 Tech House labels …

He found time from his busy schedule to chat to us about his latest single, That’s Right, shortly after he’d received the good news it was being made Toolroom Academy’s Track Of The Week. We also got the lowdown on the second installment of the label’s vital new compilation, Deep Tech Lockdown Sessions.


Your latest single That’s Right landed on DTLA on September 11th. How do you transition your ideas into a DAW?

First, I build out the groove and a buildup to a drop. Then, I try to find vocal bits that fit into the groove, but in a way that tells a story leading up to a vocal hook/drop. The vocal hook is really what make a track unique from the 30-40K released per month on Beatport. It’s a rare that there isn’t a title of one of my tracks that you can’t identify with the vocal hook.

Huge congratulations for That’s Right being made the Toolroom Academy Track of The Week. Where can we listen to that?

Why, thank you.  It was cool to be selected and I was able to do an ID over it.  Even more special was that this release is out on my own label, Deep Tech Los Angeles Records.

What’s your affiliation with Toolroom Academy?

I am the first US-based student to attend and graduate their master program.  Along taking the masterclass, I have attended multiple full day sessions of ToolroomAcademy at Brighton Music Conference, seeing acts like D. Ramirez, Tuff London, Ben Remember, Josh Butler, and Prok & Fitch demonstrate their production skills.  I have also taken their online production and creativity unlocked courses. I originally went to Icon Collective Music Production school here in Los Angeles which I felt gave me a great music foundation.  It was essential for me to work with Toolroom Academy to attain the skills necessary to level up to a production where now I release one to two tracks a month on well-known labels such as Toolroom, LOW CEILING, Stealth, CR2, Incorrect, and my own label.

We’ve been loving the Deep Tech Loft Party Livestreams. When’s the next one and what else do you have in store for the series? The infomercials are hysterical!

Since we have not had the time to play out on tour to keep ourselves in the mix of performing, we decided back in March to do a monthly livestream called “Deep Tech Loft Party”.  The intent was to do this monthly and when folks are allowed to return to be around one another, we would add a crowd to the livestreams. Parody commercials were a way to break up the monotony of just djing.  They basically add some humor in-between sets of tracks.

What else do you have coming out this year that people should look out for?

Several releases are scheduled throughout the year. Currently “That’s Right” is smashing the charts.  I have a remix I did for Placebo eFx that is out end of this month and in early November.  Then a single release for Purple Tea, Hood Politics, Incorrect Records, in October, November and December respectively this year. Also I have a big release from Toolroom Records coming with an official James Brown remix.

How about on DTLA – can you give us a heads-up as to what’s in the pipeline? We know there’s another Deep Tech Lockdown Sessions compilation coming… 

Yes, September 25th we have our Deep Tech Lockdown Sessions Vol. 2 hitting stores.  We have some new folks such as ACAY and Toriah, and DTLA veterans, Notorious Lynch, CHESSER, and Mr. Oz.

We’ve heard you’re a highly positive person, so the question begs – why do you dislike shuffling so much? What’s your beef with shuffling, Redux Saints?!

My opinion, and again, it is only my opinion, that the shuffle is gloried hopscotch and not really dancing. As I recall back in the day, the half shuffle was actually the warmup into a difficult breakdance move.

Tell us 3 interesting facts about Redux Saints.

I have two kids (Bernese Mountain Dogs).  Maceo Pup, named after Maceo Plex, and Luna Rose, thought was just a good name for a female dog. I have two monikers.  One as Redux Saints doing, as you know, tech house.  One as Placebo eFx producing melodic techno.  So interesting enough, I did a remix of one my originals for this coming Deep Tech Lockdown Sessions Vol. 2. I have two words published on Urban Dictionary – Money Brooms and Over-Quirked.

When you’re feeling blue or in need of a pick-me-up, what are your 3 go-to tunes that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face?

I love Anjunadeep, so I always go there to be happy and connect with the melodics/vocals.  I usually create my own edits to speed up the tracks and add some hats to drop in a tech house set.

Who’s your ultimate dream collaboration?  

Not sure I have ultimate dream collaboration, but would love to work with the person my music resembles the most being, Martin Ikin.

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