Exclusive Interview With 23 Year Old Producer From London – Xoro

Exclusive Interview With 23 Year Old Producer From London - Xoro

Xoro is a 23-year-old producer from London who is making waves in the dance scene with his dark, atmospheric records, that have made their way onto major stages at Tomorrowland, Ultra and Ushuaia Ibiza.

His latest works include ‘After Midnight’ – a collaboration with Dutch duo Lucas & Steve and Yves V on Spinnin’ Records and the 2024 release, ‘God Is In The Soundwaves’ with Armin Van Buuren, which has already clocked over 6million streams on Spotify alone.

Following a stream of killer releases on Spinnin’, Soave, and Nitron, Xoro is now back on London indie, Perfect Havoc with the energetic ‘Nicotine’, packing in 142bpms, and aimed squarely at the dance floor.

We caught up with the one-to-watch talent to discuss the transition from major fan to collaborating with Armin Van Buuren, what went down backstage at Ministry of Sound earlier this year, and what future collabs Xoro has in the pipeline.

Hi Xoro, welcome to Soundrive. Where are you on the world right now?

I am in Switzerland on a songwriting trip.

Congrats on your new single Nicotine. Have you had chance to play it out yet? What’s the response been like?

I haven’t had the chance to play it out yet, but I’ve had many DJs play it live at clubs and festivals and the crowd response has been amazing.

Over the past few years, you’ve been collaborating with some of the biggest names in EDM. What was it like to go from being a fan of Armin Van Buuren to actually working with the man himself? 

It was pretty surreal, especially to meet him in person and watch him drop our collaboration in front of thousands of people. I have listened to Armin’s records since I’m very young, so it was crazy that his team responded so positively to the first demo I sent him. Within 24 hours of me emailing the record, Armin facetimed me to do a remote studio session and we became friends from that moment on.

Who’s next on your radar for a collaboration? 

I’ve been talking with Felix Jaehn and Sigala for a potential future collab so hopefully we’ll have something out together his year.

Exclusive Interview With 23 Year Old Producer From London - Xoro

Talk to us about performing live. How do you approach your DJ sets? And what shows do you have coming up that you’re particularly looking forward to? 

My new sound incorporates higher bpm records, so I try to begin my sets at 128bpm and progressively level up the bpm and energy before finishing with some techno andtrance bangers. I’ve recently played at Egg and Ministry in London and look forward to playing some festivals in the near future.

How was it playing at Ministry of Sound alongside your previous collaborator, Yves V? What went down that night? 

That night was incredible, we dropped ‘After Midnight’ together and it was amazing to see the crowd sing back lyrics I wrote in my bedroom; it was the first time I properly experienced that. I met Mike Williams backstage and we had a good laugh. It was great to catch up with Yves V, he said he was looking forward to having me play some Yves V sessions in the future, maybe at Tomorrowland next year.

What’s next release wise for you? Can we be expecting any more releases on Armada and Spinnin’? 

My next release is going to be on Armada and I’m excited to share more details when the time comes.

You’re still young but you’ve already achieved so much. Do you have business plan or do you operate in more organic way?

I operate in an organic way but definitely try to treat my daily routine as a business to try to be efficient with production, writing, and song pitching.

You’re based in London, but did you grow up there? What was a teenage Xoro like – what were you into back then?

I was originally born in Paris but moved to London when I was one so I’m definitely a Londoner at heart. I was always obsessed with music as a teenager but was also into film music and hip-hop production before discovering my love for dance music.

Exclusive Interview With 23 Year Old Producer From London - Xoro

Music aside, what do get up to when you not on production or DJ duties?

Not much haha. I’ve recently started going to the gym and now go almost every day, it really helps balance my stress levels. Also, I love to travel so I’ll definitely plan some cool trips this year.

Thanks for your time Xoro, we’re looking forward to hearing what’s coming from you next.

Xoro ‘Nicotine’ is out now via Perfect Havoc



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Exclusive Interview With 23 Year Old Producer From London - Xoro

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