ATTLAS Debuts New Title “Into Arms Of Lovers” ft. MAYLYN

ATTLAS Debuts New Title "Into Arms Of Lovers" ft. MAYLYN

A lush display of intimate storytelling, ATTLAS returns to the limelight in collaboration with MAYLYN for their “Into Arms Of Lovers.” The pair’s honeyed single is available worldwide and serves as a long-awaited reunion of the two after their evocative 2020 single “Hotel.”

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Born out of passion and patience, ATTLAS and MAYLYN‘s “Into Arms Of Lovers” is a soul-stirring reverie for wandering ears.

Swathed in ambient euphoria, MAYLYN’s pulsing vocals ebb and flow, weaving tales of solace and solitude in love.

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Impassioned symphonies of elegant synths carry the spell-binding single, as ATTLAS’ highly technical musicianship shines through. Blending his signature piano elements with nuanced electronic flare, ATTLAS puts forth his emotive best in “Into Arms Of Lovers.”

Constantly exploring motifs of helplessness and unfettering positivity in times we need it most, ATTLAS (real name Jeff Hardford) reflects on the serene.

His debut album Lavender God and its subsequent follow up Out Here With You rose to critical acclaim, receiving high praise from C-Heads Magazine, Cool Hunting, DJ Times, Billboard Dance, and Magnetic Magazine, who called his work “listening bliss.” ATTLAS’ Lavender God was additionally nominated for Electronic Album of the Year at the 2021 JUNO Awards.

Available worldwide on Friday, August 20, ATTLAS’ “Into Arms Of Lovers” bridges the familiar with the unknown in a beautiful conglomeration of sound and story.

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“’Into Arms of Lovers’ has been a project that was an effort of passion and patience from its beginning. An honest final product that we’ve been writing from the first sessions to share with everyone.” – ATTLAS

Over the course of the past five years, ATTLAS has become one of mau5trap’s most celebrated artists. Canadian musician Jeff Hartford’s enthusiasm for music began at a young age, he grew up playing in bands and learning instruments like piano, trumpet, and guitar.

His immersion in songwriting continued to grow when he attended university, and he interned for a composer after completing his courses.

It was during this time that he started applying the techniques he’d learned in the studio to electronic music and began sending his completed works to deadmau5’s mau5trap label. The label initially signed a few tracks and then ATTLAS as an artist, and Hartford released three EPs in 2015 via the Canadian imprint.

In the years since then, he’s delivered singles, EPs, and remixes – all showcasing the textured, introspective sound he’s spent years cultivating.

2019 brought exciting new developments to the ATTLAS journey, including a new installment of his lauded Storyline series and a debut album. The album “synthesized all the experiences and wandering paths that ATTLAS walks,” according to Hartford, bringing together heavier sounds and the emotive melodies he’s built his musical brand on.

2020 has proven difficult for everyone; Hartford included who was forced to cancel his Lavender God Tour, named for his debut album. Rather than focusing on the missed opportunities, Jeff has taken this year to dive even deeper into his musical craft. After a few one off releases and several remixes, including a captivating melodic single “The Night Air Was Cool,” Jeff is set to release his second album at the top of November.

The latest album, titled Out Here With You, encompasses the shift in the music industry and the way we’re digesting music without live touring.

Rawer and more intimate than ever before, Out Here With You is Jeff’s way of showing his fans and the world that we are not alone during this troubling time and that we’re all trying to navigate the state of the current world together.

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