Phat Suppli Announces Sassy New Single ‘Whistle’

Powerhouse DJ & producer and dance music icon Phat Suppli announces her latest single 'Whistle'

Powerhouse DJ & producer and dance music icon Phat Suppli announces her latest single ‘Whistle’

With the single set for release on the 1st July via Vibe Collective, following will be her upcoming festival performance at Solfest (Scotland) on August 26th-28th, adding to her ever growing loyal following cultivated throughout her career.

DJ & Producer Phat Suppli resides from the West Midlands and has been producing music for 11 years under various aliases. She’s performed in Dubai, Australia, Norway, Canada, France, Poland, and the United States. She’s released with labels such as LFTD Global, Stashed, Outbound Sounds, and High Definition. Her recent house single ‘Drop That’ charted #1 on Beatport , Spain releasing with up and coming label Stashed Music.

“Since launching Phat Suppli I have really enjoyed making music that I love. It’s great to see such amazing support coming in worldwide as we continue to grow together. After a year of losing both my sister and father I am now determined to make them proud with my music which they both loved to see me do. The labels that have released my music so far and the DJs who have supported me are amazing and I can not thank them enough.” – Phat Suppli

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Phat Suppli Announces Sassy New Single 'Whistle'

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