Exclusive Interview with Hardstyle Legend Phuture Noize

Exclusive Interview with Hardstyle Legend Phuture Noize

We talk with Phuture Noize about Defqon.1, Career Goals, X-Qlusive and more! See what we had to say below

In this exclusive interview with Phuture Noize, one of the most talented and recognizable artists in the hardstyle scene, we delve into his experience opening the mainstage at Defqon.1, his unique sound and approach to music production, the pressure of releasing new tracks, and his goals for the future. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Phuture Noize’s distinct style and his connection with his dedicated fanbase.

Hi Marco, thanks for looking back at your Defqon.1 performance with me! I’m Anna Prassl from Soundrive and was blessed to witness your show this year! You got to open the RED Stage at Defqon.1, filling the area within minutes – what does it feel like, to open such an important area like the mainstage of Defqon.1?

“It was of course an honour to be able to showcase my vision of hardstyle at such a big stage. My team and I spend a lot of time working on this show and we just tried our very best to make the most out of it. The pressure was on after the opening of Sefa last year, but looking back I think we really made the sound of Phuture Noize work for this moment.”

There is hardly any producer with a sound as distinct as yours, when we hear your music, we recognize it as your craft right away. How do you keep the typical Phuture Noize sound, while also experimenting and being innovative?

“I just write the music I like, I focus on the things I enjoy the most and try to incorporate my vision for it. I don’t think I could say that I’m in the studio trying very hard to make this distinctive sound, but that I am just trying to make the music that I would love to listen, while trying to incorporate unique elements that define me.”

Exclusive Interview With Hardstyle Legend Phuture Noize

Hearing a crowd of over 60 thousand fans singing along the melodies of every track you play and hitting kick rolls on point shows how connected people are to your music. Does it ever put pressure on you when producing new music, or do just know that your skills will provide a new banger anyways?

“Yeah, there’s always this pressure if you want to remain relevant in the music industry. There’s so much happening in the world of music all the time and every song or album should be good enough to keep people entertained and engaged. But I try not to think too much about it, I just try to sit down in the studio and think about what I would love to hear if I was at a festival enjoying a hardstyle set and use that as a starting point. Over the years you luckily indeed build the experience to know better when a song is good or not and at that point you just release it into the world and hope for the best response.”

You are often mentioned as one of the most talented active artists in the scene – how much time do you take before showing your new ideas to the public and the scene, working on the musical quality of your productions?

“I discuss with my team every year what the plan is going to be and what we are going to create. Then I set imaginary deadlines for these projects and work really hard to get them done at that time, it’s very important in this digital age to keep creating and try to stay relevant. But at the same time having a plan and vision helps you focus in the studio and not get distracted by everything that is happening around you, that way I can stay really productive in the studio.”

Currently the trend is to go harder and heavier with kicks, leaving powerful and euphoric melodies in the background. Your music focuses on uplifting, yes even touching melodies. What inspires you to write those, while seeing a massive portion of your fellow producers engage in the competition for hardest kicks?

“I feel like it’s important to have a such a vision in music if you want to be a professional musician, so I stick with the things that I enjoy the most. I get inspired by the trends, yet try to incorporate that in such a way that it fits my vision. In the end it’s just love for writing good music with depth and feeling I think.”

Exclusive Interview With Hardstyle Legend Phuture Noize

Having had your own X-Qlusive, important sets at major festivals, your black mirror society, What are career goals you are still working towards?

“I don’t think I really set big major goals and just work for them, a lot of things in music comes from creating good stuff and then the great gigs and such just happen. That as well makes me able to continue to move forward and just focus on the creation rather than just ticking off boxes on a bucket list. So you could say my goal is to create the new big project and see where that takes me.”

On social media you tend to engage with your audience by asking for their opinion on new tracks, drops and ideas. How important is online engagement with, for example, your discord server in times that live performances are back?

“Engagement with your fans is always important, but I sometimes struggle to find the time for it. When you have big projects going on I find it hard to find the energy to sit on social media all the time. And I don’t think its much of a secret that I ain’t the biggest social media fan. Yet, I am trying to find the right ways to engage with the people and discord is a really fun way to do so. At the same time I try to approach my social media in a way that I would enjoy myself if I was a fan.”

Marco, thank you so much for taking your time to answer my questions and see you at the next event!

“No worries, I hope to see you all soon!!”

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Exclusive Interview With Hardstyle Legend Phuture Noize

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