Tellur – The Hole

Tellur - The Hole


Ease into the soundscape of “The Hole,” the newest offering from the well-regarded DJ and producer, Tellur. This track is like a gentle, rhythmic wave, with its well-crafted beats and soothing melodies creating a sense of calm and introspection. As you listen, you’ll find yourself drawn into a serene journey, guided by the steady pulse of the rhythm and the ebb and flow of enveloping melodic lines.

The layers are expertly woven together, creating a wide, open sonic landscape that feels like a peaceful retreat. With “The Hole,” Tellur demonstrates the gentle power of Melodic House, crafting a track that moves with a quiet energy and resonates with a deep, emotional tranquility. This is music to relax to, to dream to – a gentle reminder of the beauty of understated rhythms and captivating melodies.

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