Exclusive Interview with Rising Stateside Duo ‘No Pants Party’

Exclusive Interview with Rising Stateside Duo 'No Pants Party'

Jamie and Kiraleigh give the skinny on life and their latest Toolroom release ‘Never Knew‘.

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Hi Jamie and Kiraleigh. First of all, how are you both doing?

Hi there! We are great! Staying busy and enjoying summer here. It’s no pants season!

You’re now based in Los Angeles, did making the move from your home town of Seattle made a huge difference to your life and career?

It absolutely did! We were actually still just crazy raver kids and hadn’t started DJing or producing yet when we moved from Seattle to LA. We mostly moved for fun and for the amazing weather! But being surrounded by so many people here who are pursuing their creative passions inspired us to take our love of dance music to the next level. So things sort of worked in reverse for us compared to most people who come to this city! It’s hard for us to imagine we would have had the guts to go out and chase our dreams if we didn’t live here. 

What’s your favorite club to DJ at? 

Avalon Hollywood will always have a special place in our hearts because they were the first big club in Los Angeles to give us a chance, and we’ve played there many times since. Being on that stage always feels like home! And we have some great stories from the green room.

How have you managed to stay connected with your fan-base during lockdown?

Live streams have been a lifesaver! We’re glad we still have a way to share the music that we love, and we try to make it as much of a party as we can! Sometimes that means setting off an entire box of confetti poppers (cleaning that up hungover the next day was NOT fun, haha!), or maybe getting creative with costumes or green screen content. And the Twitch chats go off! It’s been a different level of interaction than we’d get at a club.

Congrats on your latest release ‘Never Knew’ with Vanilla Ace being signed to Toolroom, quite the achievement. What other goals have you insight over the next 12 months?

Thank so much! Having a track on Toolroom was a major aspiration of ours, so it’s been really exciting! We’ve finished up a few more tunes during the past months, so we’d love to get more music released on another one of our dream labels. And of course, if the world is able to get back anywhere close to “normal” in the next 12 months, we’d love to tour!

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Your collaborations with Vanilla Ace have all been so impressive. Do you think we will see a lot more from your union?

Vanilla Ace has been great to work with! We’ve been fans of his music for a long time and our styles mesh well. We’re currently wrapping up a remix with him that comes out in October on his label, WyldCard Records. We wouldn’t be surprised if we teamed up for more!

If you could partner with anybody else on a release, who would it be?

Green Velvet for sure! When we were just getting into dance music, we bonded over his classic “La La Land” and he’s still one of our absolute favorites all these years later! Back then, someone had left an unlabeled, burned CD (yes, this was a while ago!) in the back room where we used to work together and we randomly decided to play it one late night.

La La Land was the first track on the CD and we got hooked on those wild vocals and started playing it ALL the time. We’d love to get some of his crazy lyrics on a track, and his production style has been a huge influence on us as well.

Which labels are seriously doing it for you at the moment?

Right now, we love the high energy of LOW CEILING’s releases, and Hood Politics is also at the top of the list. WyldCard has a ton of quality stuff from great up and coming producers as well as some more established names. And of course, Toolroom is always a favorite!

You girls like to keep things fun and not take life too seriously. DJing aside, what are your favourite things to do to have fun?

We have an amazing group of close friends and we’re always finding adventures! Some standard activities include late-night YouTube sing-alongs, being the loudest table out at dinner, impromptu Vegas trips, or spontaneous matching tattoos. Of course, things have been a little different the last few months so there have been a lot of living room raves with our cats and Zoom game nights or happy hours!

What would your motto for life be?

Always ready for confetti!!


No Pants Party – ‘Never Knew’ is out Now on Toolroom – Download >HERE<

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