Reinier Zonneveld is Back with Long-Awaited EP ‘After Incubus’

Filth on Acid label head Reinier Zonneveld is back on his own game-changing label with four powerful tracks. It’s his first solo EP release since last December and we’re in for a treat. The brand-new EP has no genre boundaries and takes you on a typically powerful and futuristic techno trip.

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The highly anticipated ‘After In The Bus’ has been one of Reinier’s most requested tracks to release. The opener has a banging cut with rock-solid kicks and militant snare rolls. Reminiscent of his hits ‘Move Your Body To The Beat’ and ‘Pet Van Ket’, these dark vocals have been made upon – you’ve guessed it – a bus on his way back from a weekend of touring.

Following his massive remix of Miro’s ‘Shining’, ‘Black Sun’ is here to follow in its footsteps of becoming a hit. The track is built on more all-consuming drums, with walls of super-sized synths and bright, strobe-lit chords lighting up the whole affair.

Next up, the rave anthem ‘Pump It’. Stripping things back to a dry, marching beat the tune showcases industrial textures and a lone lead synth bringing the terror.

Last of all but certainly not least, ‘Diablo’ closes out with a high speed and urgent techno number that will rattle the walls of any warehouse and keep dancers locked in suspense.

Once again, these are devastating tunes from the master of techno just in time to close off 2020 with a banger – a year that would have seen the first edition of his very own festival ‘Live NOW’. To be continued in 2021.

Reinier Zonneveld – ‘After Incubus’ EP is out NOW on Filth On Acid.


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