TR-Gang Soon To Drop a Track Titled “LIT” in Collaboration with Honey D Sweet & Slim Spitta

TR-Gang x Honey D Sweet x Slim Spitta embarks on a new venture and is about to release “Lit,” all set to become the new party anthem of 2021. The hip-hop lead and the rappers have delivered nothing but only hits in the past, and everyone is expecting the same this time.

2020 was a challenging time for everyone and especially for the musicians with no live events and celebrations. This year full of ambiguity, brought together three artists power-packed with creativity from the global music world who leveraged this time to work on a unique project to bless their fans with a new groovy hip-hop/EDM track. TR-Gang is a celebrated Thailand-based music producer and DJ, and the fans of this EDM-inspired maestro were thrilled when the star announced that he is announced to release a brand new song, “Lit.”

The shining star from Bangkok took his official website to update his fans about this new release. The track is a collaborative work of TR-Gang, Slim Spitta, an emerging songwriter and musician with a zest for Rap music, and Honey B Sweet, a rap star hailing from Australia and a tank full of raw energy & charisma,

The highly anticipated song is expected to be an enormous hit as all three artists are renowned and well appreciated for their supreme excellence in their craft. TR-Gangs takes inspiration from the all-time hit and notable EDM superstars DJ Snake, DJ Soda, and the most amazing and legendary Skrillex to create his own version of music, which is hype and gritty with an electronic charm.

Similarly Honey B Sweet has created quite a buzz with her relatable rap songs and is often compared to Cardi-B & Nicki Minaj She’s highly versatile and has received rave reviews for her ever-growing collection of infectious rap anthems.

The young and the restless Slim Spitta hailing from Texas is another talented name of the rap world who always shies away from coverage, but talent cannot be hidden for a long time. The rapper was recently featured on the notable “The Flux Review.” The global and super diverse trio has worked passionately on this project, and when asked to express their views, Joke Siwa Pikulklin aka. TR Gang said.

“Creating real music is a daunting task, but nothing is too difficult when someone is enthusiastic about what they do. This whole idea has empowered me to create and always come up with songs that resonate with my listeners, but I wanted to do something unique this time.

When I first discussed the idea of “Lit” with Slim and Honey, they immediately loved it, and I also knew something clicked at that moment. Both of them shared the same feeling for EDM music as me, and with enormous efforts, we are finally all set to release it for our fans. The track truly exhibits how much energy we have put into it, and we anticipate that the audience and critics will love it equally.”

To explore the library of TR-Gang’s songs, hit the Sound Cloud and Spotify page of the artist, and for more information about the release date and upcoming events and ventures, visit the official webpage of TR-Gang. For queries and collaborations, use the contact information listed below


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