Shaun Frank & Takis Join Forces On End-Of-Relationship Anthem: ‘Don’t Say I Love You’ (Ft. Shells)

Shaun Frank & Takis Join Forces On End-Of-Relationship Anthem: ‘Don't Say I Love You’ (Ft. Shells)

Shaun Frank & Takis Join Forces On End-Of-Relationship Anthem: ‘Don’t Say I Love You’ (Ft. SHELLS)

Takis’ forthcoming ‘Welcome Home’ project is shaping up quite nicely through all the new singles being released over the past few months, and his new link-up with Grammy-nominated, Platinum-selling artist Shaun Frank puts quite a lot of extra weight behind it.

Featuring English singer-songwriter SHELLS (who wrote and sang on MEDUZA’s 2020 hit ‘Born To Love’), ‘Don’t Say I Love You’ makes for a groovy and upbeat dance track that’ll feel right at home in every dance music setting, with powerful lyrics highlighting the contradicting emotions attached to love and hate.

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“To me, ‘Don’t Say I Love You’ represents the final chapter in a relationship”, Takis says. “While you’re ready to move on, someone else is trying to show you that they care. Disinterest colliding with overcompensating is a strange and conflicting imbalance that I’ve certainly felt. Even saying “I love you” feels too little too late.”

“As a Canadian DJ coming up, I looked up to Shaun for years”, he continues. “He’s been an inspiration of mine since I started making dance music. I remember DJing for like 5 to 10 people in my hometown, playing his records in every set. Creating ‘Don’t Say I Love You’ with him was surreal and beyond the song, this is a moment in my career that I’ll never forget. Gaining the respect of those you came up looking up to is really special to me.”

“I instantly fell in love with the vocal that SHELLS sent us”, Shaun adds. “And I had a lot of fun chopping this up with Takis too.”

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