Truth Delivers New Single “Acceptance” from Forthcoming Eponym Album

Truth Delivers New Single “Acceptance” from Forthcoming Eponym Album

Certified mainstays of New Zealand’s electronic music scene, award-winning duo TRUTH are champions of contemporary dubstep. Storming 2021 by way of their first studio album in over 4 years, TRUTH unveil the second and final single taken from Acceptance. The mystical title track from the LP “Acceptance”  releases Friday, July 2 via Deep Dark & Dangerous.

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With a world facing view from their vantage point of New Zealand, TRUTH makes cutting edge bass music for electronic enthusiasts around the globe. The duo have performed across NZ, Australia, Europe, Asia, North and South America, and become a quintessential act at renowned festivals by the likes of Shambhala, Outlook, and Infrasound. A force both on-stage and in the studio, they have long established themselves as proven tastemakers; successful in their original productions, dance-floor moving sets, and in running their own label imprint, Deep Dark & Dangerous.

Launched in 2013, the club-night-turned-record-label has grown to become home to over 50 signed artists, 80+ releases and a mounting list of internationally touring acts — an unmistakable bastion of forward thinking dubstep. To compliment their music, TRUTH and Deep Dark & Dangerous have simultaneously built a functional apparel line tied to their work and following; from tactical bags, to kimonos, to customized tracksuits, the merch line is tasteful, encompassing, and widely sought after.

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Following a long, quarantined year and a string of heavily-trafficked Twitch streams, the duo is now back in full effect with their 5th album. Combining their razor sharp synchronization and innovative flair, this 13-track opus is a dreamlike journey through lush basslines, eerie rhythms, and vintage synths. At the heels of “Pages,” the widely-celebrated lead single from the album, they unveils the album’s namesake and title track “Acceptance.”

A brilliant follow up to its predecessor, “Acceptance” is at once technical, ethereal, and deeply affecting. A psychedelic musing that encompasses the kaleidoscope fractals of sound that make up the album, is a cornerstone of the project it belongs to. 

“‘Acceptance’ is a deeply personal musical experience for us where we have bared far more of ourselves than in previous albums. It’s more of a piece that says who we are. We chose ‘Pages’ as the lead track because it embodies everything about this release that we are proud of. It’s poignant and nostalgic, while also existing in a dreamlike, lush, yet slightly eerie space. With this track we hope to evoke in the listener that feeling that you get when you come across a long forgotten memory.” – TRUTH

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