Famba Teams Up With Brando And MKLA For New Track “Games We Play”

Famba Teams Up With Brando And MKLA For New Track "Games We Play"

Electronic DJ, producer, and artist FAMBA defines his signature dance sound with his latest musical collaboration, “Games We Play,” released today via Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc. (licensed by Armada Music). Featuring Brando (the other half of the Diamond-certified hit track “Body” by Loud Luxury) and Toronto’s very own singer-songwriter, MKLA, “Games We Play” is now available for streaming on all digital platforms.

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Captivating vocals, lush melodies, and a billowing baseline characterize this release from three of Dance music’s blazing newcomers. Brando (Loud Luxury, Matoma, Don Diablo) and MKLA (KSHMR, Vintage Culture, Steve Aoki) deliver stunning vocal performances, while Famba’s production takes the song to stratospheric levels.

As seductive as it is commanding, “Games We Play” is the love song with swagger that does double damage on the dance floor. The track is the second single from Famba’s forthcoming EP, Wishes Vol.2, to be released later this Fall.

I’d never done a duet before, so I knew it had to be with someone with a voice like this angel. Brando has a sultry deep tone that I really believe has influenced a lot of great house music,” says MKLA about her first duet experience.

Famba also remembers how the song came about: “The night we wrote “Games We Play” was one of the most fun and most organic writing sessions I’ve ever had. It was just friends having a good time and partying all night. The song just happened; we didn’t even intend to write it. It’s also everything I’ve been building towards; my sound is finally starting to become more defined.”

When he later approached Brando with the unfinished recording, the California-based singer-songwriter fell in love with it immediately, saying: “The minute I cut the vocals I knew it was going to be a great collab. I think it will really resonate with our fans as well.”


The anticipated video follows the success of the single released last month, charting at #37 on Canada’s Top 40 radio.

Directed by Matthew Laeng, the video is an exciting, out-of-the-box story about a woman reminiscing on memories with her past lover. Soon her world becomes alive, almost dream-like, as she reunites with her lost love where they rekindle their passion for art, music, and dancing.

The uplifting video stars Famba himself and features rousing performances from fellow-artists Brando and MKLA, alongside models Trinity Woodward and Naomi Wildt as the video’s two leading love interests. The video transports you to a dream-like fantasy trip, capturing the complexity of love – from playful attraction to an elusive romance – all while being driven forward by the song’s infectious production and sublime vocals.

“I was stoked that the three of us were able to shoot the video in person, and Matt did such a great job developing the right visual to match the song. His treatment really stood out to me and I love the way it turned out!” – Famba


After bursting onto the scene in 2016, Famba (Ryan Pettipas) graduated from the local music scene in his hometown Halifax, NS to become one of the country’s biggest electronic artists. He has quickly earned a reputation for his heartfelt songs and laudable production talents via his major label original releases and widespread remixes which have collectively garnered tens of millions of streams across multiple platforms.

His first two major label releases, “Wish You Well (feat. Trove)” and “Swear to God” each went on to achieve Gold certified status in Canada, while his third release, “Storm (feat. Kyra Mastro)” introduced Famba to the U.S. market in a big way by scoring the #1 spot at Dance Radio (Mediabase) and logging over 14 million global streams to date.

With latest tracks “Still Call You Mine” and “Games We Play” featuring two of Dance music’s blazing newcomers, Brando and MKLA, Famba is no doubt getting us excited for what’s to come in 2021.

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About Brando

Few people have been able to achieve global success so early on in their careers, but L.A.’s Brando has never been one to color inside the lines. Drawing inspiration from the numerous musical influences he indulged in throughout his formative years, the California native was a major force behind Canadian duo Loud Luxury’s multi-million-stream wonder ‘Body’.

He immediately showed the world his unique talents as the singer and songwriter on the record and has since collaborated with artists such as Don Diablo and Matoma whilst also giving life to his own scintillating singles.

The success of recent single ‘Look Into My Eyes’ perfectly illustrates it all. The record spent ten weeks on #1 in Australia’s airplay chart (dethroning The Weeknd ‘Blinding Lights’ as most-played song of the year), entered the Spotify Top 200 in Australia, Austria, Germany, Sweden and New Zealand and clocked up over 40 million streams across the most popular streaming platforms.

With his own life experiences as valuable input, his songs tend to be more gritty and down-to-earth than your average pop song. “I want to convey a new sound that bridges the gap between RnB/pop and dance music”Brando explains. “I was still committed to being an RnB/pop act when ‘Body’ began rising up the charts. With the song’s continued success, dance music has influenced my taste more and more to the point where it has become a part of my style.“

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About MKLA

Michaela Renee Osborne, known professionally as MKLA, a globally recognized artist from Toronto, Canada. In 2018 she co-wrote her first feature hit “Save me” with Vintage Culture and Adam K, reaching top 10 on Billboard Dance.

Continuing with newly released tracks like a new remake of “Losing My Religion” with Steve Aoki and Gattuso, “Never Leave You” co-produced with Lucas Estrada, a remake of MGMT’s “Kids” with KSHMR, and “Let Me Go” co-produced with Alok and KSHMR where she directed and produced the feature music video.

Under two years, MKLA’s catalog has gained over 100 million streams globally. She is a singer, songwriter and producer with a classical background playing the violin. A pioneer against the battles she’s faced as a young female artist in the LGBTQ+ scene, MKLA is an advocate for equal representation and creative expression.

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