Ukraine Heavyweight The Organism Drops ‘Cherry Garden’ Remix and Message of Peace

Ukranian National, DJ & Producer The Organism, Drops his Remix of “Cherry Garden” by Serge Proshe and July Vitraniuk to Spread the Message of Peace in Ukraine.

The musical world has long been a vehicle for helping spread a message of peace across the globe. The song ‘Cherry Garden,’ directly translated from Ukranian to english from ‘Oi U Vishnevomu Sadu’ to ‘Here In The Cherry Orchid’ is an example of just this, and its message is being used yet again for peace in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

This song, titled ‘Oi u vishnevomu sadu,’ has been sung by many generations of Ukrainians to their men and women throughout history, but it was especially special during World War II. It helped warm the hearts of those who were fighting to defend their homeland.

Now, years later, it is being used again to help show the power of music as a method of bringing peace. A group of musicians from Ukraine recently recorded the song as well as this remix with a message they want to share with the world.

“We know that sometimes we all may not understand each other, but the soul with the soul speaks the language of music understandable to everyone. Let this music tell everyone about peace and that the war must be stopped.” 

The main aim of the project is to promote the ideas of peace in the modern world. In addition, the performance of this song in different languages will help to understand Ukrainians and their culture better, thus contributing to their acceptance in the West. Our hearts go out to all in the Ukraine and we are doing all we can here at Soundrive Music in the hopes of providing some relief in this war of Putin.

The Organism Drops 'Cherry Garden' Remix And Message For For Fellow Ukrainians

About The Organism

Where there is a solid and strong spiritual strength and vivid interest behind the artist’s mind to bring originality to music, uniqueness manifests itself as a result. Ukrainian performer The Organism is a prime example of what is being said: a multi-genre, always unpredictable producer with his signature style that combines the best hypnotic bass vibrations, exciting shamanic vocals and mystical ethnic sounds.

Roman Yarmolenko began his career back in 1999 as DJ Alfred. He managed to go a long way from a young resident of top Kyiv establishments to a successful sound producer. In 2013, Alfred decided to leave the boring mainstream sound and began experimenting with sound, attracting young musicians, singers, sound engineers to his works, and embodied his new pseudonym The Organism.

The Organism always keeps an ear open to hear new sounds that will not let you stand aside from his music, but rather listen and dance to it. Musical vibrations of The Organism seep deep into the heart, this is the music that you need to know and keep in your collection. Read more on the website link below.

As always, for more of the hottest & freshest in new electronic dance music and EDM news visit our ‘News’ page and connect with Soundrive Music on social media. You can donate to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund to assist with the war relief effort. Soundrive Music also have a very dear friend who is DJ & Producer Moon Shot who has put down music and is currently on the warfront helping men, woman and childeren by providing the bare necessities including food, water and shelter. You can donate to Moon Shot directly at


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The Organism Drops 'Cherry Garden' Remix And Message For For Fellow Ukrainians

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