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The beautiful people over at Rave Wonderland give us the inside scoop on what to wear to a rave in winter.

It’s the season! You are likely experiencing sweater weather, depending on where you are in the world – and contemplating what to wear for winter raves and still look somewhat hot. Thankfully there are still fun rave outfits to wear despite the chilly breeze!


Come snow or sunshine, accessories are an essential part of any festival look. From face masks to bandanas and visors, these items can help complete any outfit while also providing protection from the elements. In addition to these basic accessories, many people choose to accessorize their outfits with jewelry or other pieces that reflect their individual style. It’s important to remember that comfort should always come first when selecting accessories – after all you will be dancing all night!


We get it – you would rather want to show off your legs with shorts, but you will thank yourself sooner than later for taking the leggings route in winter. Leggings might be too predictable – but these days, there are thousands of designs to choose from. Think about stars, mountains, geometric shapes, birds, mountains, etc.

Plus, if you have enough time to let your creative nature through, you could even create your own with your choice of design and colors.

Long socks

We love that long socks are timeless, and you can wear them with leggings, shorts, jeans, skirts, and even dresses! If you decide to wear booty shorts or a dress to a rave, go for a cool patterned pair of thigh-high socks to keep your legs warm.

Fur coats

You could still wear your tight bodysuit and wear a timeless fur coat to keep your back and arms warm. And since you will more than likely be dancing and surrounded by thousands of people, you might even end up taking it for a large portion of the event.

Rave Wonderland


Pashminas are the most fashionable and efficient pieces for any occasion. If you do not want to wear anything too heavy or bulky like a fur coat, go for a pashmina or two! You could use one to drape over your shoulders or around your neck like a scarf, wrap it around your head, or even place it around your waist to keep warm.

Because pashminas are lightweight, their advantages are endless. You can take them off, easily fold them and pack them in your bag for the rest of the night.

Platform Booties

Let us not forget about your feet! Platform boots are the best bet due to their resistance in wet conditions and slippery surfaces (if there are rain puddles or ice puddles). Say bye-bye to soaked and squishy shoes!


Comfort is key when it comes to festival fashion – no one wants an uncomfortable outfit ruining their experience! Make sure that your clothing is made out of breathable fabrics like cotton so that you don’t overheat during a long day in the sun. It’s also important to make sure that any shoes you wear have good support and cushioning – your feet will thank you later!

One last thing to consider when picking out a winter rave outfit is your own body’s capacity to withstand the cold – whether it is solely your lower extremities or upper extremities that feel the coldest, or both. This will help you choose between covering up entirely or mixing it up with half warm-half skin show! For more information and access to some amazing rave outfits and clothing check out Rave Wonderland here.

Festival fashion is an ever-evolving art form and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dressing up for a show or event, come rain, snow or sunshine. Whether you opt for bold rave clothing, winter wear or subtle streetwear trends, make sure that whatever you wear is something that makes you feel confident and comfortable! With the right mix of clothing and accessories, anyone can create a unique look perfect for any EDM event or festival. Get creative and express yourself through your clothes – have fun with it!

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