Cat Dealers, Lukas Vane and Elise LeGrow Drop Banging Rework of Dennis Ferrer’s ‘Hey Hey’ (Heard You Say)

Cat Dealers, Lukas Vane and Elise LeGrow Drop Banging Rework of Dennis Ferrer's 'Hey Hey' (Heard You Say)

Cat Dealers’ studio output has been off the charts lately, and their next release on Armada Music will surely have fans buzzing with excitement.

Made in tandem with Dutch producer Lukas Vane and Canadian songstress Elise LeGrow, premiered at EDC Las Vegas and touted as one of the Brazilian brothers’ most requested songs since, ‘Hey Hey (Heard You Say)’ might just be their most banging production yet.

A no-holds-barred cover of Dennis Ferrer’s iconic 2009 track ‘Hey Hey’, Cat Dealers, Lukas Vane and Elise LeGrow’s ‘Hey Hey (Heard You Say)’ radiates a heavy club attitude from the get-go. With thick bass slaps, killer vocals, anthemic synths and exceptionally potent grooves, this late-night house anthem will dominate dance floors big time.

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“We were in touch with Lukas [Vane] about a collab possibility”, Cat Dealers explain. “He sent us a track he was working on, but we didn’t love the vocals, so we decided to do a mashup using the classic ‘Hey Hey’ vocals and it fit perfectly. So we continued building the whole track around the vocals and eventually it was recorded by the amazing Elise LeGrow. The response has been amazing and it’s definitely one of our favorite tracks of 2022.” 

Formed by the brothers Lugui and Pedrão, Cat Dealers are among the hottest acts in today’s international electronic music scene. The pair cultivate the second largest YouTube channel of the Brazilian electronic music scene with more than 857,000 subscribers, have a Spotify following of 3 million monthly listeners and racked up hundreds of millions of streams on Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer and other streaming platforms in a few years’ time.

Cat Dealers, Lukas Vane And Elise Legrow Drop Banging Rework Of Dennis Ferrer'S 'Hey Hey' (Heard You Say)

They even touched down on all five continents, playing in venues in the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Italy, Portugal, Poland and even Spain, where they opened for David Guetta at Medusa Festival 2018. The pair also recently sold out their evening show at Marquee NYC (March 18), played at Printworks London (March 4), Cat House Sessions in Miami (March 23) and Lollapalooza Brasil (March 27), and are currently coursing through a massive summer tour schedule, which includes performances at EDC Las Vegas and the mainstages of Tomorrowland and Mysteryland.

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Cat Dealers & Lukas Vane feat. Elise LeGrow – Hey Hey (Heard You Say) is out now!

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Cat Dealers, Lukas Vane And Elise Legrow Drop Banging Rework Of Dennis Ferrer'S 'Hey Hey' (Heard You Say)

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