Youngr Releases Bootleg Mixtape Autoerotique – Count On You

Youngr Releases Bootleg Mixtape: Autoerotique - Count On You

Those who’ve been following Youngr’s every move know just how much excitement he brings to the table.

The U.K. producer has been on the lips of many a dance music fan since his bootleg of The Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ took the world by storm,and all would agree it’s about time he put together a complete bootleg package. That wish is about to be fulfilled, because the first track of his bootleg mixtape arrived today: a superb rework of Autoerotique’s ‘Count On You’.

Youngr has been sweeping fans off their feet with his vivacious bootlegs for quite some time now, and he’s doing it all over again with his brilliant edit of Autoerotique’s ‘Count On You’. Sporting a ridiculously funky groove that pushes the moment into full swing and then some, this bootleg further cements Youngr’s reputation as one of the most gifted creators out there whilst expertly building to the full release of the bootleg mixtape on September 17. Until then, a new bootleg will be released every week.

“When I signed with Armada Music, they presented me with the key to their vaults and gave me access to their entire back catalog”, Youngr says. “I was like a kid in a sweetshop, but I managed to choose ten of my favorite tracks and got to work. I loved the idea of injecting myself into the timeline of these songs. Some of them are nearly 40 years old and some of them only 4, but that is testament to a great song: they stand the test of time! I’m proud to be putting my stamp on them.”

“The first one, ‘Count On You’, is an obvious classic. I did a rework of the awesome version done by Autoerotique because I love his new take on the vocal and the new melodies, and it felt like such an obvious one to put the Youngr twist to. Add a few sunshine-soaked guitars and a funky bassline and off we go!”

Since breaking through with self-released debut single ‘Out Of My System’, Youngr has racked up over a hundred million streams and played over 160 shows in 45 countries, including sold-out tours across Europe and North America. The multi-talented musician stands out from the crowd with his unique performance style and one-take live videos of dancefloor friendly bootlegs, with his bootleg of

The Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ going viral and racking up over 15 million views in its first two weeks. Now an integral part of Armada Music’s artist roster, Youngr brings a refreshing perspective and change of pace to the table. His debut album ‘Memories’ epitomized that notion when it was released about six months back, and his upcoming bootleg mixtape is set to follow suit with its official release in mid-September.


Autoerotique’s – ‘Count On You’ Youngr Bootleg is Out Now on Armada Music – Download >HERE<

Listen to Autoerotique’s – ‘Count On You’ Youngr Bootleg on Spotify

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Youngr Autoerotique - Count On You

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