Roger Sanchez Returns to Pacha Ibiza for the Grand Opening Weekend

Roger Sanchez Returns to Pacha Ibiza for the Grand Opening Weekend

On Saturday, April 27th, Grammy Award-winning DJ, and house music icon Roger Sanchez will grace the decks for a night of unparalleled energy, marking the beginning of an epic summer season!

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as Pacha Ibiza kicks off the 2024 season with a Grand Opening Weekend set to redefine nightlife on the White Isle.

Hailing from the vibrant club scene of New York City, Roger Sanchez‘s musical journey has been nothing short of legendary. His anthems like Another Chance and Turn Around have become synonymous with unforgettable nights, while his remix mastery has left an indelible mark on tracks by icons like Daft Punk, Madonna, and No Doubt. With four DJ Awards for ‘Best House DJ’ under his belt and a Grammy for his electrifying remix of No Doubt’s Hella Good, Roger’s influence transcends genres, solidifying his place in dance music history.

Pacha Ibiza, with over 50 years of hosting the world’s top DJs and artists in the electronic music scene, provides the perfect stage for Roger Sanchez’s triumphant return. Elevate your experience by securing your VIP table, granting you premium access, dedicated service, and unrivalled views of the DJ booth, ensuring you make the most of this unforgettable night.

Joining Roger on this monumental evening are two incredible talents: Hannah Wants, whose mesmerizing techno and house sets have enraptured dance floors globally, and the genre-bending Makèz, bringing their unique blend of soul and house to the mix.

Secure your spot now and become a part of the Grand Opening Weekend of the season, where everyone wants to be seen. Witness the return of the legend Roger Sanchez to his Ibiza home, where the music never sleeps, and the energy is always electrifying!


Pacha Ibiza, the world’s most iconic house music nightclub and the birthplace of legendary DJs, stands as the ultimate embodiment of experiential nightlife. For over 50 years, Pacha Ibiza has revolutionized club culture, seamlessly blending music, production, and entertainment to craft an atmosphere that cultivates a profound sense of belonging to the beloved Pacha Family.

With its iconoclastic origins, Pacha Ibiza has been a pioneering force, offering a platform for individuals to embrace their uniqueness and dare to be different. An unmatched destination, Pacha Ibiza serves as a global beacon that brings an international community of music lovers together, transcending the conventional nightclub experience.

Pacha Ibiza celebrates its storied history by underscoring the distinctive energy that defines the island – an effortless fusion of music and culture – with an indescribable ambiance that characterizes a singular night at Pacha Ibiza.


Roger Sanchez is a legendary DJ and producer whose career spans decades. From his beginnings in New York’s club scene to headlining festivals worldwide, Sanchez’s relentless hustle and innovative approach to house music have made him a pioneer in the industry.

With over two thousand productions and remixes under various aliases, including Grammy-winning work for artists like Michael Jackson and No Doubt, Sanchez continues to shape the dance music landscape.

His influence extends to podcasting and radio broadcasting, and his residencies at Ibiza’s top clubs cement his status as a true icon in the world of electronic music.

Roger Sanchez Returns To Pacha Ibiza For The Grand Opening Weekend


The Pacha Group is a globally acclaimed lifestyle brand with a strong presence in various sectors such as music, leisure, entertainment, hospitality, and fashion.

It extends its international influence through well-known destinations including Pacha Ibiza (a famed nightclub), Destino Pacha Hotel and El Hotel. Having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023, the Pacha Group is dedicated to sharing the essence of the Ibizan lifestyle with the world, characterized by a carefree, sophisticated way of life infused with creativity, music, and a spirit of acceptance.

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Roger Sanchez Returns To Pacha Ibiza For The Grand Opening Weekend

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