Exclusive Interview With Multitalented, Melodic Project Mistier

Exclusive Interview With Multitalented, Melodic Project Mistier

Exclusive Interview With Multitalented, Melodic Project Mistier

Mistier starts 2024 in the same vein it excelled in 2023 with another high-quality, authentic and reflective new single. Following in the footsteps of ‘Move With Me’ and ‘Lost My Way’, Mistier’s ‘Headspace’ is soaked in dancefloor-focused grooves, resonant harmonies and relatable lyrics.

With accomplished musician and vocalist Andre Mistier at its centre, Mistier brings a collective of musical and visual creatives together on a transformative journey towards the dancefloor. The project brings a spiritual perspective to its music, forged through shared experiences on the playa at Burning Man.

It’s easy to imagine crowds gathered in the Nevada desert moving to ‘Headspace’ – another shining example of Mistier’s ability to connect at a deeper level – set to the score of movement-invoking rhythms and intricately woven layers of harmony. Encapsulated in a distinct retro membrane, its undulating 4/4 core of punchy kicks and subtly shuffling percussive drive make the perfect foundation for an expansive array of musical elements that carve out an immersive soundscape, a resonant space for Mistier’s simple yet conscious message.

Fresh from the release of ‘Headspace’ and ahead of the massive OFFAIAH Remix slated for 16th February, we caught up with protagonist consummate musician and vocalist Andre for an immersive look into the world of Mistier:

Hey Mistier, thanks for joining us. Please give our readers a brief intro, in your own words, into your world. 

I have two young kids, so I’ve been mostly in family seclusion for the last few years. Now that they are starting school, it was the right time to start releasing the music I’ve been making over the last few years!

In addition to music, I’ve been a martial arts instructor for 15 years and an avid chef. So, for the most part, I’ve been making music, teaching and training martial arts, cooking, and focusing on my family. Since I’ve been home and not playing out for the last while, I’ve had the opportunity to develop Borderless Magnitudes, a narrative animated and multimedia project, in collaboration with my wife, visual artist Allison Harrell and other artists. All of the music I’m making fits in some way or form into Borderless Magnitudes

What can you tell us about your latest record: 

This track is about having space for yourself, meditation, and the journey towards finding meditation. If my external experience defines my perspective and mood, then I am subject to the fluctuations of external actions and actors. If things are good, I feel good. If things are bad, I feel bad. But this feels like a fundamentally out-of-control approach, always at the whim of other people’s additions and intrusions. This led to a need for inner solace, a peace that comes from within as opposed to externally. For me, this search led to meditation as an important component of self-harmony.

This track was a collaboration with our friend J Gabriel. We were talking about working together, and he said, “Why don’t you listen to a number of unfinished tracks I have and see if anything sparks you.” I listened to what became Headspace, and the lyrics and melody came to me within the first 30 seconds of listening. I took the track he made, added some elements, removed others, and pretty soon, we landed at “Headspace.” I hope you enjoy it!


Are there any Specific themes or narratives in your work: 

All of the tracks we’re releasing are part of a larger narrative series we are developing called “Borderless Magnitudes.” It’s an animated series set in an alternate Universe dealing with topics of awareness, self-discovery, and unconditional love.

In recent years, we’ve seen a massive surge in melodic house & techno. Why do you think this is, and what will the next emerging genre be? 

I love the combination of the energy and groove of house & techno with the soaring elevation of transcendent melodies. Moves your ass and your heart at the same time! And if a lyric can inspire your mind and soul as well, that’s beautiful. I’m not surprised, but still excited to see that this genre is resonating more and more.

I think the next genres are about pushing the two main directions here- the bass and the beat, and the melodies. I see deeper bass music as one direction and a further exploration of how melody can fit into dance music as the other.

Also, I think the growing mix of Afro House and Melodic House is very exciting and something to look for!

What other artists inspire you the most: 

Camelphat, Tinlicker, Vintage Culture, Frankie Wah, Cristoph, Eli & Fur, Rufus du Sol, Adam Port, Yotto, Adriatique. I can keep going…

Do you have your eye on any labels you’d like to release music with: 

I think Anjuna, Odd One Out, and Rose Avenue are all doing amazing work that very much inspires me.

What can you tell us about your upcoming projects and shows: 

I am working on the video parts of our animated project, Borderless Magnitudes, and doing a live video of the multimedia/live performance version. In preparation for live shows later this year.

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‘Headspace’ by Mistier is released on 26th January, with the OFFAIAH Remix slated for 16th February.

Download/Stream it here: https://ffm.to/mistier-headspace-original.


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Exclusive Interview With Multitalented, Melodic Project Mistier


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