Jaenga Makes a Comeback to Subcarbon Records Dropping His Latest EP, “Ancestors”!

Jaenga Makes a Comeback to Subcarbon Records Dropping His Latest EP, "Ancestors"!

Following the acclaimed success of Jaenga’s captivating 2022 EP, “Field Trip”, Subcarbon Records is thrilled to herald the return of the dynamic producer with his latest musical exploration, “Ancestors”.

Subcarbon Records welcomes back Jaenga with his latest musical exploration, “Ancestors”, following the success of his acclaimed “Field Trip” EP in 2022. Under the guidance of Ganja White Night, Jaenga’s return signifies a vibrant convergence of deep bass and intricate soundscapes.

“Ancestors” invites listeners on a sonic odyssey through four tracks, each a testament to Jaenga’s innovative spirit and mastery over his craft. From the mesmerizing opener to the climactic finale, the EP showcases Jaenga’s ability to captivate audiences with dynamic contrast and compelling sound design.

As “Ancestors” makes its mark on the bass music scene, Subcarbon Records stands behind a release that reflects the evolution of electronic music and reaffirms Jaenga’s esteemed status as a pioneer in auditory exploration.

I felt so inspired writing my “Toulambi” EP a few years back because the story of the Toulambi tribe was so interesting to me. A tribe living on an island, completely isolated from the rest of the world. Only knowing the friends, family, and technology that they’ve built and cultivated themselves. So I decided to revisit those roots with this new EP, “Ancestors.” – Jaenga

Jaenga Makes A Comeback To Subcarbon Records Dropping His Latest Ep, &Quot;Ancestors&Quot;!


Patrick McDevitt, known artistically as Jaenga, has built his music career on the foundation that it should transcend industry standards and genre boundaries. Making a notable entrance into the music scene in 2015 with his unique purple school bus, Jaenga has been a standout in the festival circuit through his fusion of bass music, hip hop acapellas, and innovative sound design.

His initial EP’s success on Deadbeats marked the beginning of a flourishing journey across notable labels such as Subcarbon, 19k, WAKAAN, SSKWAN, and MorFlo Records, leading to performances at prestigious venues like Red Rocks and Webster Hall. Beyond music, Jaenga, who also engages in visual arts, personally contributes to or oversees the creation of his project’s artwork, ensuring a distinct and cohesive brand identity.

Central to Jaenga’s ethos is the cultivation of a community and lasting friendships, highlighted by his engagement with fans through secret pop-up parties, pre-show meetups, and personal interactions at events, making a Jaenga show a celebration among friends.

Jaenga- “Ancestors” is out now!

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Jaenga Makes A Comeback To Subcarbon Records Dropping His Latest Ep, &Quot;Ancestors&Quot;!

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