SMACK & Luciana Drop ‘Tik Tok’ on Heldeep Records

SMACK & Luciana Drop ‘Tik Tok’ on Heldeep Records

The first taste of their collaboration comes in the form of pumping single Tik Tok’, featuring vocals from the legendary Luciana.

While their identity might be mysterious, there’s nothing hidden in their music. It’s a full-scale assault on the senses that will set pulses racing, spines tingling and pupils widening. An urgent beat gallops along from the word go with big horn blasts punctuating and a head-nodding bassline dropping in before long. The breakdown lets Luciana’s sassy hip-hop flavoured vocal take centre stage before a big snare build ramps up the pressure.

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A bitcrushed male vocal announces ‘that fresh beat is right on time’ as the beat slams back in. Luciana’s feisty delivery returns alongside a mischievous synth line as the arrangement pushes and pulls in varying degrees of intensity and a ravey chord stab line subtly adds flavour. It’s an absolute riot of a track. 

Luciana’s track record is incredible, with six Billboard Dance Club Songs number one records to her name and collabs with HardwellKylie Mingoue, Taio Cruz, KSHMR and Firebeatz among her discography. Her legendary ‘Yeah Yeah’ track with Bodyrox was one of the biggest smashes of the electro house era and has lived on in various remixed forms over the years.

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 SMACK & Luciana – ‘Tik Tok’ is OUT NOW! via Heldeep Records



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