Italian DJ & Producer FEFO Drops ‘Midnight Sun’

Italian DJ & Producer FEFO Drops 'Midnight Sun'

Italian DJ & Producer FEFO Drops ‘Midnight Sun’

Already supported by Max Vangeli, Deep Bear Team and Shelco Garcia, ‘MIDNIGHT SUN’ is a “techy” summer house song with a sexy and powerful guitar riff and horn hits. Its more of a chilled vibe compared to the projects published by FEFO so far, but still banger!

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Italian Dj &Amp; Producer Fefo Drops 'Midnight Sun'


Federico aka FEFO, is an Italian DJ and music producer Iand started his journey in music at the age of 15. FEFO has recently started a new project focused on bass house and his first release “Woa,” under Diztortion MX label has achieved great results. The success of ‘Woa’ has allowed him to collaborate with producers from all over the world, and secure new releases with various labels. FEFO is currently in Max Vangeli’s Noface Academy and promises loads of new music coming soon!

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FEFO – ‘Midnight Sun’ is out now! GET IT HERE

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Italian Dj &Amp; Producer Fefo Drops 'Midnight Sun'


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