Zan Monic Drops Eclectic, Dance-Ready Tune ‘Can’t Take It No More’ And We Love It!

Zan Monic Drops Eclectic, Dance-Ready Tune ‘Can’t Take It No More’

Zan Monic releases his latest production ‘Can’t Take It No More’ and shows no sign of slowing down. The track is available now on all music streaming platforms!

Out of the ashes rises a modern-day Phoenix who seeks to revolutionize the world of Electronic Dance Music. Nicholas Chong who dons the moniker of Zan Monic is an EDM producer and DJ who is pushing the boundaries of perception with his music. Zan Monic is carving out a brand new sound that will resonate deeply with audiences across the globe.

Born and raised in, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Zan Monic is breaking new ground with its novel ideas and refreshing fusion. The pyjama-wearing DJ is set to break through with his mid-style electronic dance music. For the talented musician, music is an art form that is reflective of his experiences, and by using his gift he can fully express himself and deliver a musical experience that is both unique but also engaging, and relatable.

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The producer had his affinity for diverse genres of music embellished and firmly imprinted by icons such as Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and Afrojack. Zan is an extremely versatile musician who is able to incorporate, integrate and accentuate his music across a plethora of well-known and niche genres and while his sound can be raw and edgy, it is a twist that is refreshing and new. He has garnered plaudits DJing for brands such as Heineken as well as various places and events such as Zouk, Malaysia.

Zan Monic was the Livestream DJ for TMBL (teammusicbylukas) Ultra Party hosted by musicbylukas, a well-known artist in Amsterdam and just released his first track ‘Can’t take it No More’ and his maiden original song that is filled with mesmerizing bass lines and emotion vocals all led by an unorthodox mix of EDM and Zan’s own unique style. We have featured this banger on our very own ‘Jacked‘ playlist on Spotify.

Zan’s latest tune is supported by TeamMBL , musicbylukas , djpayne from Deep Waves Music and many more! Zan Monic track is on the world leading dj tracklist database 1001 tracklist. Nevertheless, having gotten traction for his remixes of popular songs, there is no doubt that Zan Monic will have a profound effect on the industry with his multifaceted approach to music.

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Zan maintains a very real and authentic feel all encapsulated by an edgy and trendy modern sound and will impact and influence many generations to come.

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Zan Monic Drops Eclectic, Dance-Ready Tune ‘Can’t Take It No More’


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