NevadaSYSTEM is back with his EP, “Eastern Sunrise”

NevadaSYSTEM is back with his EP, "Eastern Sunrise"

NevadaSYSTEM is back on Spotify with his EP, “Eastern Sunrise”

NevadaSYSTEM is back on Spotify with his EP, “Eastern Sunrise”, pairing crisp, ethereal vocals with growling, old-school growling bass.  As the melody progresses, organic eastern instruments flow seamlessly to draw listeners into a twilight sunrise.  Cutting echoes of one of the world’s oldest instrument – the Chinese zither – are overlaid on top of a rhythmically cut bassline that meshes seamlessly to a thrumming melodic techno tune.

NevadaSYSTEM has his very own unmistakable sound, which is ever present in his newest offering.

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The two key ideas behind NevadaSYSTEM are ‘synthesis’ and ‘liminality’.  Synthesis is about the sorting and recreation of everything they have seen, heard and experienced and tying it to formative experiences in childhood.  As for liminality, they are catching the moment between time and space.  The music they’re producing is neither “here” nor “there” but something that staddles multiple unique spaces.

NevadaSYSTEM is a combination of all their life experiences and accumulated travels – everything from the busy cosmopolitan streets of Shanghai, to the open savannahs of Bali, and the vibrant creativity of Brooklyn and Chicago.  It’s an interplay between old, east and west.  It’s the combination of progressive house with the Far East.

Nevadasystem Is Back With His Ep, &Quot;Eastern Sunrise&Quot;

NevadaSYSTEM utilizes production prowess to write moving music that simultaneously transports the listener to a nostalgic escape into paradise.

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NevadaSYSTEM – “Eastern Sunrise EP” is out now!

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Nevadasystem Is Back With His Ep, &Quot;Eastern Sunrise&Quot;

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