Diskover and NUZB Have Teamed Up for STMPD RCRDS Debut ‘So Fresh’

NUZB Drops New EP 'Inception & Distracted' on STMPD RCRDS

Two of Brazilian’s finest talents in the electronic circles, Diskover and NUZB have teamed up for their STMPD RCRDS debut ‘So Fresh‘.

Listen to Diskover & NUZB – ‘So Fresh’ on Spotify


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The track found its beginnings online, when both artists started to message back and forth. ‘So Fresh‘ draws inspiration from a classic bass house groove, with a focus on the hypnotic lead. Mixing this with a futuristic touch, the track brings a different, but very welcome vibe.

Diskover & NUZB is Out Now on STMPD RCRDS – Download >HERE<

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