ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective Presents ‘Overrated’ by MEMBA

ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective Presents ‘Overrated’ by MEMBA

ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective presents the mesmerizing ‘Overrated’ from New York duo MEMBA ft Levus Alone on October 20th. Will Curry and Ishaan Chaudhary have stirred up some buzz with their futuristic and eclectic style on their SAGA I and SAGA II releases over the past couple of years, now they bring their production talents to the forefront yet again with ‘Overrated’.

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MEMBA is an act that leaves you expecting the unexpected. Previous sounds include the powerful ‘Strider’, ‘Meet Freedom’ to ‘Walls Down’ and the pair incorporates a wealth of inspiration and influences into their work.

Drenched in dynamic electronic melodies, ‘Overrated’ offers up a hefty dose of escapism with help from long time cowriter, Levus Alone. With a chugging trap instrumental at its heart, the MEMBA boys deftly manage to restrain the instrumental, balancing its heaviness with the angelic, pitch shifted vocals from their mysterious British counterpart.

Discussing their new single, MEMBA say: “This song is a rare blend of sounds, it’s got equal parts r&b, grime, trap and mirchi. It’s a combo we haven’t heard before and we love how the two stark flavors mix up so nicely.”

“We wrote it pre pandemic. Levus Alone had flown in from London to kick it with us in Brooklyn. He wanted to see Times Square and that but we never made it out the studio.’’ MEMBA are fast establishing a sound that’s fresh, cinematic and unmistakably theirs and are back to stake their claim with ‘Overrated’.”

Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective Presents ‘Overrated’ By Memba


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