Julian Jordan Drops Huge Energetic ID ‘Big Bad Bass’ on STMPD RCRDS

STMPD RCRDS Release First-Ever Producer Pack with Julian Jordan

We at Soundrive Music are super excited to announce Julian Jordan’s latest release ‘Big Bad Bass’ out now on STMPD RCRDS. His signature sound couldn’t be missed during Garrix’s NYE set, and Julian Jordan can now finally reveal that he’s behind the banger ‘Big Bad Bass’. Julian tried to fool his fanbase in a video broadcasted by STMPD RCRDS, in which STMPD RCRDS artists had to guess which artist was behind the 11 IDs played by Martin Garrix in his Tomorrowland set.

‘Big Bad Bass’ was immediately recognized as a Julian Jordan ID by most of his fans and fellow STMPD artists, as Jordan really developed and established a true signature sound over the past years. However, when it was his own turn to guess, he feigned a priceless ‘I don’t know’ as he could not yet announce his upcoming track. Jordan might not win an Oscar for his acting performances, but he is certainly coming for the charts with yet another colossal hit.


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Julian Jordan – ‘Big Bad Bass’ is Out Now

Julian Jordan Big Bad Bass Final | Soundrive


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