PvssyCat Joins Forces with Lahox for ‘Never Be The Same’

UFO Recordz are proud to announce one of our grand opening releases into 2021 by UK based Pvssycat & Spanish talent Lahox with massive Bass House banger ‘Never Be The Same.’ The track brings elements of both producers into play combining PvssyCat’s tasty Tech House basslines and Lahox’s Bass House brilliance making for an exceptional  collaboration and a great way to get 2021 started!

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British Producer and UFO Recordz resident Pvssycat joins forces with Spanish DJ & Producer Lahox to create their second collaboration “Never Be The Same”, out now on UFO Recordz.

After their first collaboration “Hold You”, which charted at number 14 on Beatport’s Electro House chart, these two talented producers reunite for what could be the biggest, baddest release of 2021. “Never Be The Same”, premiered by Sophia Francis on “Beyond Radio 173” and supported by Richie Hawtin, is a combination between tasty Tech House basslines and pure Bass House groove.

PvssyCat & Lahox go on to say – “We’ve been working on several projects since quarantine and from the beginning it has been very easy to work together. We have musical chemistry and our sounds and ideas come to life working alongside one another. This is the second collaboration of many to come!” Be sure to keep eyes and ears on these two producers on the social media platforms below.

For those who haven’t heard about UFO Recordz, with almost 1 million followers across social media platforms and strength on YouTube of around 500k loyal subscribers, UFO is definitely a label to sign with so go check them out on social media platforms and get connected.

PvssyCat & Lahox – ‘Never Be The Same’ is out now via UFO Recordz. Download >HERE<

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