Gl0bal Unveils The Third Chapter In The ‘Insomnia 3’ EP Series On Circus Records

Gl0bal Unveils The Third Chapter In The ‘Insomnia 3’ EP Series On Circus Records
Following the release of trap-infused lead single ‘Snake’ with So Sus, Gl0bal reveals his highly-anticipated ‘Insomnia 3’ EP on Circus Records. Building upon the first two EP’s in the series, ‘Insomnia 3’ showcases the ever-growing studio mastery that Gl0bal possesses. The four-track offering incorporates a variety of sub-genres that deliver the dominating signature bass style that Gl0bal has become known for. Out now via Circus Records, ‘Insomnia 3’ is available to stream across platforms.

Opening with the lead single ‘Snake’ with So Sus, Gl0bal kicks off the new EP on a thunderous note. Packed full of distorted instrumentals and commanding vocal samples, the track emulates all the hallmarks of a classic trap offering. With a smooth transition into the next single, ‘Headache’, the melody builds in a seemingly haunting way filled with twists and turns as the powerful trap-inspired bassline floods the soundscape with chilling vocal cuts.

The multifaceted producer showcases his versatility as the EP flows into the third track, ‘Love Wins’ with Burgess. Finding a harmonious balance between the captivating vocals and cinematic heavy bassline, ‘Love Wins’ proves to be a standout track on ‘Insomnia 3’. The final track, ‘Company’ opens with a graceful melody and resonating vocals before Gl0bal’s domineering instrumentals cut through the sonic landscape. Although each track is unique in its offering, Gl0bal creates a cohesive four-track collection to mark the third edition in his highly-anticipated ‘Insomnia’ EP series.

2019 became a pivotal moment in Gl0bal’s blossoming career when he made his debut on Flux Pavilion’s imprint Circus Records with his inaugural ‘Insomnia’ EP. Over the past few years, his coveted ‘Insomnia’ EP series has become the focal point of his repertoire each year. The second chapter of the series, ‘Insomnia 2’ was released in the spring of 2020 and met with much critical acclaim, garnering thousands of streams across platforms.
Gl0bal remained incredibly productive throughout 2020, following his ‘Insomnia 2’ EP with the hard-hitting collab ‘Gutta Shit’ with Dutchess and making his debut on Excision’s newly-formed imprint Subsidia Records with collaborative single ‘IBS’ with Rick Flxx. Continuing the strong momentum into 2021, Gl0bal revealed his second single on Subsidia Records, ‘Powerless’ with Alex Cortes and Akacia.Adding a third chapter to his venerated ‘Insomnia’ EP series, Gl0bal continues to carve a path for himself in the realm of electronic music with his studio versatility and commanding blend of bass music.
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